President's Cabinet

Dr. Larry C. Skogen, President
Dave Clark, Executive Vice President

Kari Knudson, Vice President for College Advancement and Executive Director, BSC Foundation
Dr. Donna Fishbeck, VP for Student Affairs
Dr. Dan Leingang, VP for Academic Affairs

Bruce Emmil, Dean of National Energy Center of Excellence


Rebecca Collins, Associate VP of Operations/Chief Financial Officer


Carla Hixson, Dean of Current & Emerging Technologies

Dr. Amy Juhala, Dean of Humanities, Arts & Sciences
Rita Lindgren, Chief Human Resources Officer
Marnie Piehl, Chief College Relations Officer



Other BSC Leaders

Don Roethler, Chief Buildings and Grounds Officer
Jay Meier, Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Lane Huber, Chief Distance Learning & Military Affairs Officer
Carol Flaa, Chief Information Services Officer

Thomas Leno, Director of Academic Records & Registrar
Karen Erickson, Director of Admissions & Enrollment Services
Buster Gilliss, Director of Athletics
Kate Millner, Director of Counseling and Advising Services
Scott Lingen, Director of Financial Aid
Marlene Anderson, Director of Library Services
Heather Sheehan, Director of Student & Residence Life
Mary Eisenbraun, Director of Student Financial Services

Department Chairs

Dr. Karen Arlien, Computers & Office Technology
Bob Arso, Agriculture, Electronics & Graphic Design
Liz Braunagel, Geomatics, Engineering & Mathematics
Dr. John Darling, Fine Arts & Humanities
Lee Friese, Transportation & Construction
Cathy Janikowski, Health Sciences
Michael Tomanek, Language, Literature, & Communication
Kyren Miller, National Energy Center of Excellence
Brent Reems, Physical & Biological Sciences and Interim for Social Sciences, Business & Education
Dan Schmidt, National Energy Center of Excellence
Alicia Uhde, National Energy Center of Excellence

BSC Chart of Organization