Welcome to the Bismarck State College family! This is an exciting time for you and your family. We realize how important you are to your student's success.

College is not like high school. Students have more responsibility for their time management, academic planning and personal care than they have ever had before. While students become more independent and self-determined during college, BSC makes sure the support they need to thrive and succeed is available on campus.

The Discover BSC link on the menu to your left will help you direct your student to these tools. The FAQ section answers questions we hear most often from parents.

Family Calendar 2019-20 links to a calendar given to parents of new students during summer registration days.  Each month has important dates listed as well as other points of interest to parents regarding what students may be dealing with during that particular month and what parents can do to help.

The information about Student Policies and Library Policies outlines the rights, responsibilities and privileges enjoyed by the students, faculty and staff that make up the college community. The purpose of BSC's policies is to promote and maintain the college learning environment, inform college members of their responsibilities and aid in preventing violations of the rights of individuals.  

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