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Diploma Reorder

A diploma reorder service is provided by Academic Records for individuals who need to replace a lost or destroyed diploma or may have a need for an additional diploma. The replacement cost is $25 per diploma and standard processing and delivery time is 2-4 weeks after receipt of payment.


  • Be aware that the diploma you will receive is not a copy of your original diploma. It will be in the current style and font and bear the signatures of the current Chancellor of the North Dakota University System and Bismarck State College President.
  • Diplomas will not be released to individuals who have outstanding debts owed to the College.

Process for Diploma Reorder

  1. Complete Diploma Reorder Form.

  2. Make payment:

    Send check or money order along with the Diploma Reorder form to:
    BSC Academic Records
    Schafer Hall, 135
    PO Box 5587
    Bismarck, ND 58506-5587

    Credit or debit card
    • Send completed form via mail, fax or email to Academic Records.
    • Once we receive the request and verify the information Academic Records Office will contact you regarding payment.


Please contact us at:
Phone: 701-224-5420
Fax: 701-224-5643