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Prior Learning

Bismarck State College can help you reach your beyond  by offering credit outside the traditional classroom. Prior Learning Assessment or PLA, can help by giving adults, college credit for knowledge and competencies they've gained outside the classroom. BSC is committed to the idea that people deserve credit for their learning experiences that were not acquired as part of a formally structured course offered by a college. Prior Learning is also sometimes referred to as Alternative Learning. 

Contact Information:
Jessie Meckle
Program Coordinator, Fast Track

Advanced Placement (AP)

Students who completed courses in high school designed to earn college credits by demonstrating a specified level of performance on AP exams may be awarded college credit as Bismarck State College. 


Challenge Examination

Academic credit may be earned for any BSC undergraduate course for which a suitable examination can be prepared and administered. 


Credit for Industry Training

Students with industry training may be eligible to use prior learning towards their degree plan. 


Portfolio Development Credit

Portfolio assessment may result in the award of credit for one or more specific BSC courses.