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BSC Events
BSC News
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        Summer 2019
            “This is our goal and purpose…” The story of the Tello family
            2019 ALUMNI OF THE YEAR: Vern Dosch
            Boehm found his fit and graduated debt-free from BSC
            Golden’s star rises on national stage
            KFYR-TV grant moves Mystic Media studios closer to the action
            Local business provides HVAC student with tuition reimbursement
            Longtime BSC theatre professor receives high honor, shines spotlight on others
            NEH Challenge Grant brings the humanities to life
            Professor follows in father’s footsteps from soccer field to field of work
        Winter 2018-19
            BSC professor achieves dream working with National Geographic
            BSC provides bridge for Bullhead
            Great Gig, Big Stage
            The Davidson Family: All in at BSC
            The Next Big Milestone: BSC pursues four-year polytechnic mission
                BSC Milestones
            Torgerson uses woodworking skills to benefit Developing Countries
        Summer 2018
            Beyond Mere Functionality
            Dream It, Do It
            Engineer Helps Bring Clean Drinking Water to Rural North Dakota
            Fiddler Preston Schmidt Advances Nashville Career
            Fourth Generation Farmer is Rooted in Regent
            He Started at BSC, Now He's Aiming for a Ph.D
            Hunke Makes a Difference
            Legacy Family Works Hard for BSC
            Look Back and Pay it Forward
            Making Sparks for Industry and Art
            Nathan Kurtti - Prepared for Every Stage of His Life
            Samantha Moeker Pursues Academic Life
        Fall/Winter 2017
            An AG's Legacy
            Art Professor Receives 2017 Jack Fellowship
            BSC Alumni Board Elects Officers
            BSC Connected to the Community through Capitol Shakespeare
            Campus News Roundup
            Disaster Recovery
            Fall Open House
            Friends & Donors Hit the Road and the Links
            From BSC to NYC
            Growth in Cybersecurity & Health Sciences Through Fundraising
            Mouse to Multi-Million Dollar Company
            Mystic Sports
            Ranger Duo
            She Works to Make Downtown Bismarck a Destination
        Spring 2017
            A Rising Star Pursues His Ocean Dream
            Entrepreneurial Spirit
            Hess Corp Fills the Employee Pipeline
            Legacy Family Pure Gold
            Lessons in Multicultural Healthcare
            Longtime Friend to Education Named 2017 Alumnus of the Year
            Ready for the Future
            The Art of Carpentry
            True to Her Word(s)
        Fall 2016
            2 + 2 degree = great job
            Ballooning boosts STEM learning
            Book-free classes
            International student thrives at BSC
            Potential achieved in paradise
            Rocking the classroom
            Student becomes teacher
            Virtual reality learning
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