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Mystic ID Card

The Mystic ID Card is your official college identification card to be used for campus services such as dining, bookstore purchases, library circulation, and more. Use of the card constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions of the card holder agreement accompanying the card when issued, as amended from time to time.


Who is eligible to get a Mystic ID Card?

  • Currently enrolled students taking BSC classes for credit (excludes auditing and Continuing Education classes)
  • Current BSC employees

Do I need to get a new card every semester/year?

  • No.

How and where do I get a Mystic ID Card?

  • Must present in-person to receive a Mystic ID Card.
  • Get your Mystic ID Card at the Campus Information Desk located next to the BSC Bookstore in the upper level of the Student Union, Monday - Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.
  • No charge for the first Mystic ID Card.
  • BSC students and employees must present:
    • Photographic proof of identification with date of birth (e.g., current driver's license, military ID or passport)
    • Students must present BSC class schedule for current semester

What services can I access with my Mystic ID Card?

*Your Student/Employee ID number can be found on the back of your card. The first seven digits are your ID number.    Sign up for Mystic Dollars   

       LOAD YOUR CARD $$      


How do I request to have my Mystic Dollars refunded from my Mystic ID Card?

  • Complete the Mystic Dollars Refund Request Form. 
    • Log in to Campus Connection
    • Select BSC eForms
    • Select Mystic Dollars Refund Request
    • Complete the form
    • Click Submit
    • Check your student email and watch Campus Connection for communication regarding your request.
  • The form is electronically submitted to the Student Finance office. 
  • A credit will be posted to your student account in Campus Connection in the amount of the balance that was remaining in your Mystic Dollars account at the time of the request.
  • Should you have any existing charges on your student account, the credit will apply to those charges, prior to any refund being issued.
  • Contact Student Finance should you have any questions regarding this form or the refund process

I lost my Mystic ID Card. Now what?

  • Report your lost card to BSC Student Finance. Get a replacement card at the Campus Information Desk located next to the BSC Bookstore in the upper level of the Student Union, Monday - Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. The replacement fee is $10.