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General Concern Report

The purpose of this form is to report student/employee incidents and/or student/employee well-being concerns to BSC. This form may also be used to inquire about resources. Click 'submit' upon completion.

NOTE: The BSC Concern Reports are checked regularly. However, if you need immediate assistance or if you feel yourself or someone else is in danger call 911. If you do not feel it is an emergency, contact BSC Campus Safety and Security at 701-224-2700 or BSC Counseling and Advising Center at 701-224-2449.

General Student Concerns May Include:
  • Inappropriate behavior that made you/someone else uncomfortable.
  • Harassment of you or another student.
  • Harassment of you or another employee.
  • Information that sexual harassment or misconduct has occurred. 
  • Hate speech directed at you or another person.
  • Bias, bigotry, hate directed toward you or another person.
  • You or someone you know needs assistance and are unsure where to go.
* Campus Email:
Reporter's Information
Person who witnessed and/or heard of an incident
First Name:
Last Name:
* Incident Date:  
* Date Report Filed:  
Impacted Individual's Information
Person who was affected by the incident (May be the same as the reporter)
* First Name:  
* Last Name:  
Student/Employee ID:
* Description of incident or concern
Please provide any information related to the concern or incident. The more information you can provide (additional impacted individuals, location of behavior/concern, who else may have witnessed behavior/incident, etc.)
Contact BSC Student Affairs 701-224-5638