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Secure Programming

Secure Programming courses give students a background in the Python and Java languages for computer programming. Secure programming classes attempt to ensure that software is protected from vulnerabilities, threats or direct attacks. Students will use a structured high-level language approach to programming, with an emphasis on problem solving and design.


On-campus / Online

Program Description

A structured high-level language approach to programming will also be explored, emphasizing problem-solving and design. Database development, creation, and vulnerabilities will be investigated, and the use of Structured Query Language will be learned.
The Certificate in Secure Programming is a great way to give your career a boost. You may choose from online and on-campus course-delivery options. This flexibility allows you to complete coursework at your convenience and on your schedule.

Course List

CIS 185 Introduction to Programming (Python)
Credits: 3

Typically Offered: FALLSPR

This course uses the Python language to provide an introduction to computer programming. Topics include programming fundamentals, logic development, top down program design, and application creation.
CIS 204 Database Design & SQL
Credits: 3

Typically Offered: FALLSPR

This course focuses on the development steps needed to produce a functioning relational database, creation of the database, and use of Structured Query Language (SQL) to interact with the database. Topics covered include database design, relationships, normalization, and SQL.
CSCI 160 Computer Science I (Java)
Credits: 4
Prerequisite: CIS 185 or instructor approval.
Typically Offered: FALLSPR
Systematic development of algorithms and programming structure with an emphasis on problem solving and design. The use of good programming style to aid in designing, coding, and debugging programs. Includes use of a structured high level language. Primarily for those who plan to major or minor in Computer Science.
CIT 381 IT Project Management
Credits: 3

Typically Offered: SPRING

An investigation of the project management techniques and appropriate software used to effectively manage projects. This course covers the knowledge areas and other topics as defined by the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).
CIT 450 Database & Web Application Security
Credits: 3

Prerequisites: CIS 204 and CSCI 160 or instructor approval.

Typically Offered: FALL

This course explores the vulnerabilities found in database servers and web applications. It also provides techniques for securing them.