Criminal Justice (Technical)

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Program Description
The Criminal Justice two-year program is comprised of professional and general education courses designed to give students a broad exposure to criminal justice theory and process. Curriculum offers a balanced approach to law enforcement and corrections and focuses on the fundamentals of the field, bypassing general college requirements for the Associate in Arts degree. Students are exposed to contemporary issues and problems, along with sound philosophical insights for understanding society and the ideals of the United States justice system.

The program was developed in conjunction with active criminal justice professionals who serve as members of an advisory committee.
Students interested in criminal justice should possess excellent self-esteem, initiative, discretion, curiosity, objectivity, communication skill, ability to handle stress, and desire to interact with people in good and bad situations. High school students benefit from social science courses in sociology, psychology, political science and government. Courses in English, speech, computer science and foreign languages, physical fitness and health sciences are also helpful.

Prospective students should be aware that employment candidates are subject to extensive background checks that may include drug screening, polygraph testing, physical and psychological examinations, and oral and/or written proficiency examinations.

Program Requirements
Students who complete the curriculum requirements earn an Associate in Applied Science degree (60 credits).

Career Opportunities
Police Officer, Corrections Officer, Investigator, Security Officer, Deputy, Industrial Security Officer, Halfway House/Residential Facility Staff.

Successful completion of the program does not guarantee that graduates will obtain employment in the criminal justice field. Goal of the program is to provide students with an educational opportunity that prepares them for the rigors of employment competition within the scope of criminal justice career planning.

Additional Information
While not designed as a transfer program, with careful course selection, students could complete the appropriate prerequisites to continue on with a four-year degree program.

 Criminal Justice Transfer Option