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The National Energy Center of Excellence at Bismarck State College offers a certificate program dedicated to the field of water and wastewater treatment. Bismarck State College has been a leader in operator training for four decades working with and for industry to help fulfill the need for skilled workers.

The Certificate in Water and Wastewater Technology is offered entirely online* and is designed for entry-level employment in water and wastewater treatment facilities.  Graduates may be employed by cities, counties or agencies as well as industries that operate and maintain water treatment, water distribution, wastewater collection and/or wastewater treatment systems.
Students who enroll in this training program will attend online training for two semesters allowing them to enter the workforce within one year.

The program will provide graduates with the skills and training to:
  • Apply biological, chemical and mechanical knowledge and skills to the operation of water and wastewater treatment facilities
  • Perform laboratory testing and analyses for operational control and regulatory compliance
  • Understand the responsibilities of water and wastewater treatment operators regarding the safety of communities, personnel and the environment
Water and wastewater operators employed in North Dakota are required to meet North Dakota certification requirements.  Graduates of the BSC Water & Wastewater Technology program will qualify for a certification track that allows reduced work experience to take the Class II, III and IV certification examinations.  Students completing the job shadowing requirements* of the program may also earn experience credit towards North Dakota's first-level certification requirement.

* Certificate completion requirements include brief on-campus labs or shadowing at an approved facility.

The courses for this program will be offered during the fall and spring semesters in an online format only.

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