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Management (Transfer)

The Management curriculum affords students the opportunity to obtain rewarding employment in the business field. Curriculum is available in an online format as well as on campus. The area of study is a combination of general education and business courses, many of which may be transferred to a four-year baccalaureate school.


On-campus / Online


Management students at BSC will receive an education in the world of business and commerce. Accounting, economics, marketing, law and ethics, and statistics form the foundation for study. Business courses also have proven useful for students in other programs.


Students might consider high school courses in accounting and economics to assist them in college study. However, these courses are not mandatory for success.


Students who complete the requirements earn an Associate in Arts degree. 

Bismarck State College has many cooperative, articulation, or transfer agreements with postsecondary institutions both inside and outside of the North Dakota University System. Some of these agreements are established to allow students to remain on campus as they complete their bachelor’s degree. In all cases, students seeking to transfer after completing a degree at BSC should consult the academic catalog of their destination college and work with their academic advisor to plan for this transition.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities in the management field have been excellent and possibilities for career advancement are generally good.

Purchasing agent, accountant, adjuster, administrative assistant, appraiser, bank examiner, budget analyst, claims representative, economist, financial analyst, labor relations assistant, and sales representative. These are just a few of the most popular options available upon completion of a business administration curriculum.




Degree Plans