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Nathan Kurtti - Prepared for Every Stage of His Life | Bismarck State College

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Nathan Kurtti - Prepared for Every Stage of His Life

It may be surprising to find out that BSC Foundation Theatre Scholarship recipient and NDSU’s December 2016 commencement speaker Nathan Kurtti didn’t always have a way with words. He worked hard to become who he is today – an English teacher at Sheyenne High School in West Fargo.Nathan Kurtti

Kurtti was born with a speech impediment that required surgery and speech therapy. “I was very insecure about not being able to speak well. Having a small role (in community theater), helped me dip my toes in the water and practice speaking.” Now, he’s grateful that he’s able to model a good work ethic for the students in his classroom. “It helps make me see the full circle of everything. I know where I started and how I had to work to get here.”

He worked to become a better speaker by joining competitive speech in high school and participating in Sakakawea South Shore Community Theatre, a summer production company in his hometown of Hazen. “It got me out of my comfort zone and helped me be a more confident individual.”

Following high school, Kurtti said BSC was the perfect stepping stone for him before going to a four-year college. “Having everything so close on campus, I was able to connect to students and professors whether in classrooms or in theater. When I’ve gone back to BSC and looked at the past theatre productions, I can see my picture and know I will always be part of that community.”

In January of 2013, he and a few other BSC theatre students attended the American College Film Festival in Nebraska. The trip was funded by the BSC Theater Club.

“The quality of instruction by the professors was really, really excellent. The professors at BSC really knew what they were talking about and they were experienced.” But, that isn’t what first drew him to BSC, it was the scholarships and low tuition rates. He received the BSC Foundation Academic Scholarship and the BSC Foundation Theatre Scholarship. Plus, when Kurtti transferred to NDSU, he received a BSC transfer scholarship. “I ended college with no student debt at all, because I was able to go to BSC.”

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