Faculty/Staff Information

Faculty Responsibilities

To make an announcement at the start of each term regarding student accommodation services. To include the following statement in all syllabi regarding accommodation services for students with disabilities: "If you have a disability that may limit your ability to fully participate in this class, please contact the Student Accessibility Office (SAO) at 224-5671.  Personnel from the SAO will work with you and your instructor to arrange for reasonable accommodations after you have completed the registration process and it has been determined that you qualify."

To assist the student in contacting the Student Accessibility Office when a student requests an accommodation without a Faculty Verification of Accommodation Need form.

To implement accommodation(s) listed on Faculty Verification of Accommodation Need form in a timely manner. Accommodations are not retroactive.

To contact the Student Accessibility Office if there are questions about the required accommodation(s) from the Student Accessibility Office.

To deliver on-campus quizzes and exams to the Testing and Assessment Center at least one day prior to test.

To ensure that the proposed accommodation does not substantially alter curriculum standards.

To hold students with disabilities to the same academic and behavior standards as all students.

To uphold the confidentiality of students' disability-related issues.