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Course Substitution

In the case of a course substitution, you, as a currently enrolled student, will work with your academic advisor to substitute one or two course(s) for another BSC course within your active program of study. Courses being used for substitution must be equal or greater in credit value than the required BSC course being substituted. In addition, courses being used for substitution should meet the content and outcomes of the required BSC course.

An approved course substitution will be built into your Academic Requirements Report in CampusConnection. An email notification of approval or denial of the substitution will be sent to you and your academic advisor by the Academic Records Office.

The process for requesting a course substitution starts with you contacting your academic advisor to initiate the Petition for Course Substitution form.

Note:  New forms will need to be submitted to the Academic Records Office if there is a change in program, degree or a break in enrollment.

BSC Student Policy & Procedure – Course Substitution