BAS in Cybersecurity and Information Technology

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Nicklos See • Technical Center 106

Program Description
This degree program provides a solid cybersecurity backing to information technology (IT) tasks. Classes focus on best practices to implement, administer, and secure technologies that are used to process, transmit, and store data. Graduates will gain experience securing network communications, configuring virtualization, managing cloud-based resources, and performing other common security-related tasks while implementing IT.

The curriculum contains core classes in firewall implementation, virtualization, cloud computing, networking, enterprise administration, and data security. Students may have the opportunity to earn college credit for cooperative education or internship opportunities with local businesses.

All classes in the program can be taken online or on-campus. For online classes, students may choose to attend live class sessions through the Internet. Using this format, students can watch and participate in the on-campus section of class as it is in progress. For students who cannot attend these live sessions, class sessions are also recorded for later viewing.
Students enrolling in the Cybersecurity and Information Technology BAS program must have earned an Associate in Applied Science or Associate in Science degree in an IT-related program from a regionally accredited institution. Previous college coursework, along with industry experience and/or military training, may be considered to determine eligibility.CyberSecurityssmd6.jpg
Program Requirements
Students are required to have their own modern computers while completing classes in the program. On-campus students will need a laptop for class use, while online students may use a laptop or desktop system. Minimum computer specifications can be found here . Students who complete the Cybersecurity and Information Technology curriculum requirements earn a Bachelor of Applied Science degree.
Career Opportunities
Upon completion of the program, students are equipped to work in Information Technology (IT) departments for various businesses and organizations, as well as find employment in Security Operation Centers (SOCs) and Network Operation Centers (NOCs). It is an opportune time to be involved in the IT security industry, as nationwide research shows nearly two million cybersecurity jobs go unfilled due to lack of qualified applicants.

Career opportunities: Information Security Analyst, Network Security Analyst, Computer Systems Analyst, Systems Administrator, Security Administrator, Network Administrator, Data Security Administrator, Computer and Information Systems Manager.