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Gain fundamental skills for troubleshooting, repairing, and controlling components used in automation
The Instrumentation & Control Technology program at the Bismarck State College (BSC) National Energy Center for Excellence (NECE) prepares students for careers in power plants, process facilities, water treatment facilities, or any other industrial location that utilizes automation. 

Instrument & Controls technicians are needed throughout North Dakota, and are in high demand in the Bakken region.  These positions typically do not require shift work.  On a daily basis, I&C techs will Troubleshoot, repair, Calibrate, and Install instrumentation equipment in order to manipulate measured variables such as temperature, pressure, and flow.  I&C technicians may also be called I&E technicians, E&I technicians, or electronics technicians.

Keep up with a rapidly changing industry

The Instrumentation & Control program provides the knowledge needed for an entry level position as an instrument technician. This program combines theory and hands-on training with state-of-the-art instruments, working processes, and computerized control systems. Students learn to install, test, calibrate and maintain instruments that measure, indicate and control variables such as pressure, flow, level, density, temperature, force, vibration and chemical composition. Students apply math concepts, physics concepts and industry standards to realistic situations encountered on the job. Additional instruction includes updating system documentation and building or modifying specialized systems to solve problems in measurement and control.
Education to meet your needs
The I&C program is available both online and on campus. Hands-on lab requirements are required to complete the online degree. These requirements may be completed at the BSC campus or remotely at an individual’s place of employment. An interview is required before enrolling in the online program.
Option Required Courses General Education Credits Delivery # of Years
Certificate of Completion
in Electronics (ELEC)
Theory & labs
None Online or on-campus 1
Certificate in I&C ELEC
Theory & labs
I&C theory
(2 courses)
On-campus 2
Certificate in I&C ELEC
Theory & labs
I&C theory
(2 courses)
Online* 2
Associate in
Applied Science
theory & labs
I&C theory & labs
(5 courses)
On-campus or online with on-campus required labs 2
*ideal for industry-employed students
A limited number of students will be accepted into both the online and on-campus program in August.

This program has minimum entrance requirements. Details can be found here.
Prospective students should be prepared to meet the physical requirements of the work in this field. Fear of heights or color blindness may limit the student's employment opportunities in this field.  Most plants require entry level applicants to pass a physical and drug testing.

ICTL Program Flyer

Additional Program Costs
Please see the Tuition & Fees page for information on credit hour tuition and mandatory fees.

ICTL textbook costs are estimated at $700 for the first year of the program and $700 for the second year of the program.

Tools and supplies required are estimated at a total of $500 (campus), $820 (online)

Scientific Calculator

Laptop Computer (PC and Windows operating system required).

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