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Lab Equipment

Throughout their time in the Lineworker program, students will utilize numerous pieces of equipment that they will encounter in the industry.

In this program, students will use a bucket truck, digger derrick truck, trencher, and other items.
Students obtain their CDL during their time in the Lineworker program.  BSC has two truck simulators that students use for 16 hours in order to learn how to drive a semi truck.  These simulators utilize multiple screens and a moving platform to provide students with a safe, controlled environment in which to practice.  The simulators create real-world driving scenarios in cities, suburban areas, and rural roads in a variety of weather conditions.  They can also replicate hazards such as a flat tire or roadway debris.

Once students complete training on the simulator, they practice with a driver using a semi truck with a 52’ flatbed trailer.  Students gain another 16 hours of training before testing for their CDL with the state department of transportation.