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Energy Services & Renewable Technician students have access to several unique lab environments that demonstrate a wide variety of skills used in the industry.

A set of solar arrays on campus shows the capabilities of solar production and demonstrates the differences in output in two commonly used types of solar panels.  One array is made from 56 thin film panels that, if not mounted as it is in this array, could be wrapped around buildings or other objects.  The other array consists of 18 crystalline panels, a type of panel that is generally more efficient.  The two together have a capability of 8,020 watts.

A wind tower on campus can produce an additional 2600 watts of renewable energy, and will operate at a top wind speed of 35 mph.  The Southwest Windpower Skystream is 40 feet tall.  Also on the tower is a weather station that measures wind speed, direction, and ambient temperature.
Both of these labs are tied into the building’s smart grid system, and output can be tracked in real time.  Historical data views are also available.

Students have access to a two-story, indoor climbing tower where they learn safe climbing procedures, harnessing, and roping and rigging.

Outside, students can climb atop a 30 foot tower built to replicate a wind tower nacelle.  Students can practice external hub entry, single person and partner rescue techniques, and side fall rescue.  Both climbing towers can also be used for confined space rescue training.