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Class Override

As a student at BSC, we understand that you may have unique academic goals, and we are here to help you achieve them. If you require special permission to enroll in a class, we offer a class override option to ensure that you have the opportunity to pursue the classes you need. 

When you may need a class override

  • Add class after deadline: Allows a student to enroll in a class after the last date to add based on BSC Dates and Deadlines Schedule.
  • Change class after deadline (swap): Allows a student to swap classes due to unforeseen circumstances after the last date to add.
  • Override requisite: Allows a student to enroll in a class in which they do not meet the established prerequisites listed in the catalog.
  • Override due to time conflict: Allows a student to enroll in a class that is conflicting in time with another class.
  • Override into closed class: Allows a student to enroll in a class that is closed.
  • Non-attendance reinstatement: Allows a student to be reinstated into the same class they were previously dropped from for non-attendance.
  • Non-payment reinstatement: Allows a student to be reinstated into the same class they were previously dropped from for non-payment.
  • Request audit grading: Allows a student to register as an audit.  Students are not obligated to complete assignments or take tests but will not receive a grade or college credit. 
  • Change audit status: Allows a student to change their status from Audit to Credit or Credit to Audit prior to the last date to add. Audit classes are not graded and receive no college credit.  
Override requests are valid for three business days based on the date of the instructor's signature. Academic Records will recycle overrides for any student who has a hold preventing course registration.
Things to consider prior to requesting an override
  • Review the Dates and Deadlines to determine the amount of class time missed if requesting a late override.
  • Correspond with the class instructor to determine if an override is appropriate for you.
  • Check with the Financial Aid Office to ensure the override will not affect financial aid eligibility. (If receiving financial aid). Contact the Financial Aid Office at:
  •  Check with Student Finance for an estimate on class costs associated with adding a class. Contact Student Finance at:
  • Any outstanding balances owed to the college and the tuition and fees for the class must be paid when the request or other arrangements are made. 
  • Students may be required to pay a $100 reinstatement fee (charged one time per semester)
How to request an override
  1. Sign in to Campus Connection
  2. Select the [BSC eForms tile]
  3. Select [Academic Records] from the left menu
  4. Select [Class Override] form
  5. Complete the form and submit.
  • The class instructor will review your request following submission.
  • Once your form is submitted, it will need to go through additional approvals by the Registrar and Student Finance Office if you are requesting one of the following:
    • Add class after deadline
    • Change class after deadline
    • Non-attendance reinstatement
    • Non-payment reinstatement
    • Change in audit status
  1. Monitor your BSC email account for progress updates.
  2. Look for confirmation to be sent to the student and instructor with final considerations.

We're here to help!

If you need any assistance or have any questions, we're happy to help. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

Academic Records
Schafer Hall, Room #135
1500 Edwards Ave., PO Box 5587
Bismarck, ND  58506-5587
Telephone: 701-224-5420