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Admissions and Outreach Servicesadmissionstext.png
Jack Science Center, Room #111
1420 Schafer Street, 
Bismarck, ND  58506                               
Telephone: 701-224-5429
Fax: 701-224-2500
BSC Toll Free: 1-800-445-5073
Text: 701-390-1075

Admissions Staff



Nicole Gibson

College Admissions Recruiter | call: 701/224-5426 | text: 701/557-8302.

Hometown: Bismarck, North Dakota

Major & Grad year: AA at BSC (2015)

Favorite thing about BSC: The exciting and fun events the Student Union puts on for the staff and students.

Tip for Prospective Students & Families: Look what BSC can offer you for scholarships and apply!!

Why I work at BSC: The constant positive energy the campus community gives off.

Territory: Northwestern North Dakota

Cody Werbelow-Miller

College Admissions Recruiter | call: 701/224-2405 | text 701/557-8487

Hometown: Bismarck, ND

Major & Grad Year: AAS Management (2022)

Favorite Thing About BSC: There are so many fun activities and events on campus for students and faculty to participate in-there is never a dull moment!

Tip for Prospective Students and Families: Set up a meeting to visit with one of our Admissions Recruiters to see everything BSC has to offer and take a tour!

Why I work at BSC: I enjoy connecting with students and helping them figure out their college journey.

Territory: Southeastern North Dakota


Amanda Rue

College Admissions Recruiter | call: 701/224-2529 | text:  701/557-8410.

Hometown: Princeton, IL 

Major & Grad Year: B.A. Crosscultural Ministry (2000)

Favorite Thing About BSC: The huge number of resources available to students (for FREE!) to ensure success.

Tip for Prospective Students and Families: Even the most carefully made plans may change - plans change, people change, majors change. When things don’t go as planned, don’t stress. We’ve got your back!

Why I Work @ BSC: Everyone has a unique story. I love meeting new people, hearing about their individual passions and helping them achieve their goals. I truly believe BSC offers something for everyone. 

Territory: Northeastern North Dakota

Anne Seidler

Director of Admissions and Recruitment | call: 701-224-2439

Hometown: Thief River Falls, MN
Major: B.A. Communication, B.A. (2013), M.S. Higher Education (2018) 

Favorite Thing About BSC: Free Ice Cream on Wednesdays?? Also, the kind and welcoming environment built by those who love to see students succeed!
Tips for Prospective Students and Families: In picking a college, go to where feels like home. Also, do not be afraid to ask for help, there are resources and professionals whose professional vocation is helping you thrive in college. There are no silly questions!
Why I Work @ BSC: I am a fierce advocate for student success! I think college is integral in building the foundation for one’s academic and professional passions. It gives me a purpose to help students accomplish their goals.

Additional Contacts

Financial Aid
1500 Edwards Ave
Bismarck, ND  58506                               
Telephone: 701-224-5494
Fax: 701-224-5550
Student Finance
1500 Edwards Ave
Bismarck, ND  58506 
  • 701-224-5533 (last name A-H)
  • 701-224-5691 (last name I-R)
  • 701-224-5706 (last name S-Z)
External organizations: 701-224-2451
Fax: 701-224-5550

Military & Veteran Services
1200 Schafer St.
NECE Building Room 346A
Bismarck, ND 58506
Telephone: 701-224-2576