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About BSC Foundation


The Bismarck State College Foundation began as the Bismarck College Corporation shortly after Bismarck Junior College was established in 1939.In 1978, the Bismarck College Corporation was reorganized as the Bismarck Junior College Development Foundation with total assets of $69,000. The first Executive Director of the Foundation, now known as the Bismarck State College Foundation, was hired in 1985 when Foundation assets totaled $900,000. Today, the Foundation's total assets have surpassed $40 million.

The Foundation, established for the sole purpose of assisting the college in performing its mission, receives and administers private gifts, bequests and donations to benefit BSC's students and to enhance the quality of teaching and learning at the college. Gifts to the Foundation support programs and activities not funded through traditional sources.  The Foundation provides assistance to donors through a comprehensive program of tax-wise gift alternatives through planned giving.

The BSC Foundation assists Bismarck State College, the third-largest college in the state, and the advancement of public higher education by broadening the base of support and communication with private donors and public agencies. Through friend raising, advocacy, and fundraising efforts, the foundation sustains the college with financial and personal contributions for educational programs developed by the college community and approved by the Board of Trustees.

The Foundation's Board of Trustees is comprised of a cross section of individuals committed to BSC's vision and mission. The volunteer board represents a variety of occupations, interests and geographic areas to support the needs of the college.

These BSC Foundation programs provide for the benefit of Bismarck State College: student scholarships, recognition for deserving students, recognition for employee service and excellence, grants for worthy projects, and capital campaigns to enhance the development of the college.

We are grateful for the many donors who support Bismarck State College and make everything we do possible.

Mission Statement

Engage in those activities that support and assist in the development and advancement of Bismarck State College.