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Student Merit Pages -

Student Merit Pages

Student Merit Pages

Your student Merit page

Your student Merit page is an impressive online profile to collect and share your achievements and awards while you are at Bismarck State College. Every BSC student has a Merit page!


Enhance your college experience with a unique online showcase of your accomplishments. Learn more about logging in, choosing a custom URL, connecting your account to Facebook, LinkedIn and more.


Find out how to build a great Merit page profile, including how to list your educational achievements, awards and honors, activities, affiliations and work experience.


Not only are you able to have a record of your achievements, your Merit page also makes it easy for you to share them with your family, friends, employers and the world - with just a click of a button!



Badges on your student Merit page give you recognition for your hard work and the great things you are doing at Bismarck State College. When you receive a badge, it will show up on your student Merit page so you can share it!

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