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Business and Industry

The future of your business is at Bismarck State College

BSC, North Dakota’s Polytechnic Institution, provides industry""
responsive pathways for learners. Our curriculum is developed in partnership; aligns with business and industry standards; and educates the talent that is essential in today’s workforce. We connect, collaborate, and create opportunity for employees and employers to maximize their potential and be successful.

Workforce is the most critical resource for your business, and that’s why engagement and connection with BSC is so important. BSC has a unique opportunity, and a very important responsibility. We influence community development, workforce development, and economic development. Strong communities require a strong workforce; a strong workforce requires a strong economy; a strong economy requires communities where people want to live, work, and grow their business. Awareness is key and with open lines of communication to business and industry, and community partners, we improve the quality of life.  

BSC understands successful communities require a team of people with a variety of skillsets and that’s exactly what we do at BSC, we make the 7s, we make the 2s, and through our relationships and our business and industry partnerships, we prepare people to be the 1s. For every professional you have in a community, you may need two individuals with a bachelor’s degree to support that person, and you may need seven highly skilled technical individuals to support the 7:2:1 system. A physician who needs a nurse and a physician’s assistant, may also need to hire a business manager and an IT specialist, custodial staff, lab techs. 7:2:1 emphasizes the importance of community, partnerships, and connecting resources.

  • Integrated learning through hands-on, internships, practicums, and field experience.
  • Industry and career awareness, exploration, preparation, and training.
  • Drive economic growth with public private partnerships (P3s).
  • Recruitment opportunities to develop talent and strengthen workforce.
  • Industry partnerships create commitment and enrich communities.
  • Educational opportunities improve the health and wellness of the community.

Are you a business interested in polytechnic partnership opportunities?

Training existing employees

We’ve designed our programs to facilitate learning while doing –that doing occurs in hands on labs, on the job and through apprenticeships or internships. Our courses boost specific skills with pathways that lead to credentials, certificates and degrees. Some of the accessible upskilling opportunities your employees can quickly tap into include:


On campus or online

Courses – whether online or in-person – are interactive, engaging, applicable and taught by engaged faculty who often have vast experience in their field.


Support and services

Academic advisors support students at every point in their journey, working with them to achieve their goals and understand the many flexible options available to them.

Opportunities to leverage transfer credits and military training toward degree credit are available.

Affordable and accessible

  • Tuition starts as low as $198/credit hour
  • Scholarships and payment plans are available
  • BSC works with employers and employees to leverage tuition benefits
  • BSC is an approved CIOA Eligible Training Provider
Learn more by contacting Alicia Uhde, BSC Polytechnic Outreach Director at or 701-224-5764.