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Industrial Automation & Robotics automation/

Degree Plans

These advising worksheets are unofficial and to be used for class planning purposes only.   Industrial Automation AAS 2022-23   Industrial Automation AAS 2021-22 automation/degreeplans/

Course Descriptions

Students choosing to complete all courses within the Industrial Automation (INAU) program can follow the recommended sequence below or create a customized schedule based on their needs. The NECE recommends that students consult with their academic advisor prior to registration for academic advice based automation/course-descriptions/

Intersecting courses come together as BSC builds mechatronics programs

Mechatronics: mech·a·tron·ics/ A multidisciplinary field integrating control systems, electronic systems, mechanical systems, and computers into a unified discipline that focuses on the engineering of both electrical and mechanical systems, as well as robotics, electronics, computer,

Manufacturing with robots

Written by: Andrew Weeks Image: Courtesy of Steffes The wider manufacturing industry continues to be a boon to the region’s economy. Over the past two years, Steffes has installed several robots at its facility in Dickinson, N.D. These robots help the company improve efficiency, but more

Mechatronics Engineering Technology (BAS)

Energy Programs