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Merlin the Mystic -

Merlin the Mystic

Merlin the Mystic

The BSC Mystics athletics mascot and nickname "Ian" originated in 1940. In 2020, BSC introduced a new mascot to campus and conducted a naming contest which resulted in Merlin the Mystic! Merlin knows all about BSC Mystic Pride and will have frequent appearances at many home BSC athletic sporting events and everyday BSC student events and activities.

A Mystic is one who possesses a boundless desire to know, seeking to transcend the intellectual sense of knowing to discover the deepest truth of existence. The Mystic, however, senses that there is more to life, always looking beyond everyday concerns in a search for greater understanding, meaning and purpose. 

Merlin's Bio

NAME: Merlin the Mystic. This name was chosen during a campus-wide naming contest in the Fall of 2020. 

HOMETOWN: Bismarck, ND

BIRTHDAY: September 4

MAJOR: on a polytechnic path toward his MD (Mascot Degree)


FAVORITE OUTFIT: his hooded robe to keep warm during North Dakota winters, and any BSC apparel from the Bookstore he can fit over his head

HOBBIES: going on adventures around campus, posing for selfies, and rallying Mystic Nation for game days

FAVORITE FOOD: Mystic Hamburgers fresh off the Mystic Marketplace grill

FAVORITE HANGOUTS: Merlin likes to appear wherever Mystic spirit is strong—from the Student Union to the sidelines of Mystic sporting events #MYSTICPRIDE

FAVORITE PASTIME: playing pool in the game room (he always wins with his magic 8-ball)

FIERCEST ENEMY: Willie the Wildcat

Adventures with the Mystic