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How to Enroll in Classes

Before Enrolling

1. Claim Your Account
  • Watch video- then click “Claim your NDUS Account”
  • Enter your date of birth and EMPLID I.D
What is My EMPLID?
  • Click on "Find My EMPLID"
2. Log into Campus Connection.

Campus Connection Access

Already claimed your account but forgot your User ID or Password?


Click on "Find My User ID"
3. Accept your Financial Obligation Agreement

The financial obligation agreement is listed as a hold on your Campus Connection. It is an understanding of the legal obligation to pay charges assessed to your Student Account.

Enroll in Classes

View each School's class offerings below
Century High School
Legacy High School
Mandan High School
Shiloh Christian
Fargo South
Other High Schools
CRACTC & Bismarck Public Schools Hughes

On the left-side menu, select Class Search and Enroll.

Select the appropriate [term] and [campus]

Search by keyword, class number, subject or instructor.

Select the [class]

Select the [class section]

Select [Accept]

Select [Submit]

Successful enrollment will display 

Courses NOT added are marked with a red X.  

Click Submit and then “Yes.”

After Enrolling

Complete the FERPA

BSC is not able to share your academic or financial information with anyone but yourself unless you allow us to do so. If you would like a parent/guardian or any other 3rd party to be able to receive information regarding your grades or financial information, you will need to complete the following release to allow BSC to share information with them.
  1. Sign into CampusConnection
  2. Select the eForms tile
  3. Select "FERPA Release Form"
  4. Complete the form
  5. For more information, click FERPA
Next Steps