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ENRT 105 - Safety, Health & Environment - 3 credits
This course covers the personal protective equipment and proper safe work practices and procedures commonly used in the energy industry. Students will also gain a working knowledge of standard safety, health and environmental practices and regulations set by various government entities.

BIOL 124 Environmental Science - 3 credits
An introduction to the basic concepts of ecology will provide the framework for investigating current and potential environmental problems. Over-population, air and water pollution, contamination of food, accumulation of medical and other biohazardous wastes, and depletion and exploitation of natural resources will be discussed. The role of individuals, businesses, and professions in limiting environmental problems will be stressed. This course does not meet the lab science requirement, but it counts as a science course.

ENRG 302 - Ethical Issues in the Energy Industry - 3 Credits
Since its inception, the energy industry has faced ethical challenges, from the Edison-Westinghouse feuds to the events leading up to PUHCA in 1935; from Enron to the failed deregulation attempts in California; there have been numerous instances of ethical dilemmas and governmental response to these issues. This class will look at these issues, what safeguards have been put in place to prevent recurrence, and conclude with several case studies to challenge the students. 

ENRG 310 - Energy Production and the Environment - 3 Credits
This class will provide an in-depth look at current environmental issues facing the energy industry as a whole. Included will be a detailed look at the greatest environmental challenge the industry currently faces, climate change.   

ENRG 320 - Fundamentals of Workforce Safety - 3 Credits
This course presents advanced safety policies and regulations that impact occupational safety and health issues in the workplace. Students will study processes and procedures that protect both the workers and the organizations. Written safety programs, training, workers compensation, the value of safety, and means to build a safety culture in an organization will be studied in the course
ENRG 330 - Government Regulations in the Energy Industry - 3 Credits
Students will study the legal and regulatory framework in which energy is developed and the business structure of energy producers. Students will learn about the evolution of energy policy in the United States, including the laws and regulations related to particular types of energy sources. Finally, students will study the policy and regulatory structure promoting the development of alternative energy sources and other green initiatives.