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Theatre Events

2020-21 BSC Productions

Bismarck State College Theatre and University of Mary Theater combined in the Fall 2020 and were hoping to perform the following production live for audience members, but due to the escalating pandemic, alternative plans are being made. Please check back to this page for further announcements.

Voices of Dakota Prairie


VOICES OF DAKOTA PRAIRIE: An Original Play about the First Homesteaders in Dakota

Written and Directed by Daniel Bielinski
An original work, cultivated from historical research about the Homestead Act and the settling of the Dakota Territory, Voices of Dakota Prairie tells the personal stories of the immigrants who made North Dakota home, their difficult travels from around the world, and the strength, faith, and ingenuity they displayed while making their lives, told by the words of the people themselves. The production features stories, singing, dancing, and original music. 

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GOING HOME AGAIN: A National Ten Minute Playwriting Competition

Since March 2020, the idea of HOME has been radically altered by the Coronavirus pandemic, as HOME has transformed, in some form or fashion, variously into WORK, or ISOLATION, or REFUGE. Despite the conventional wisdom that “you can’t go home again,” many people have found themselves being told explicitly to go home by their schools, their places of work, their governmental agencies. We have radically altered our concept of what home is, what home means to us, and how we do, or do not welcome people into our home.

More broadly, invisible demarcations of state and international lines have become points of contest for citizens living on either side of the divide regarding the handling of the Coronavirus, even while the virus crosses these borders indiscriminately. Where does our concept of home end? At our material body? At our front door? Our neighborhood? Our state? Our country?

Bismarck State College Theatre welcomes scripts (preferably new, unproduced scripts) of ten-minutes or less to the 2021 edition of our National Ten-Minute Playwriting Contest that explore the shifting and unstable concept of home, conceived broadly. BSC will accept the first 100 scripts submitted of no more than 10 pages, cover page and character list not included.

Scripts are due by December 1st.

Between 3-7 scripts will be selected by BSC students for production as part of our annual Short Play Festival in May 2021. If selected for performance, authors agree to grant BSC with performance rights for the duration of the Short Play Festival, including video recording as necessary for the safety of production team and audience members. Playwright's name and complete contact information should be included on the cover sheet only. The playwright's name should not appear anywhere else. Playwrights may submit one script; duplicate submissions will be deleted.

Please direction any questions to