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1939 Society

The 1939 Society: A New Tradition - A Lasting Legacy 

1939Society.jpgOn September 4, 1939, Bismarck Junior College opened for classes. Enrollment on that first day was 104 full and part-time students who were taught by faculty of 12 instructors in classrooms on the third floor of the Bismarck High School. America was still in the depths of the Great Depression, and World War II was only three days old. It was out of these simple beginnings that Bismarck State College began its mission. It is in recognition of our past and in pursuit of a brighter future, that the BSC National Alumni Association has established the 1939 Society.

The 1939 Society is a prestigious and unique program. By making a donation of $1,939, alumni are inducted into the 1939 Society and established as lifetime members of the Alumni Association. The funds will be permanently endowed in the 1939 Society Fund. Earnings from this fund will support and sustain association programs that will connect alumni with BSC while serving the needs of today's students. Membership in this society will enable the association to fulfill its mission to serve the college, our current alumni, and connect with our future alumni.

1939 Society members receive special recognition for their support on our website. Support for the 1939 Society may be tax-deductible. And, of course, as a lifetime member, you will be eligible to receive all present and future membership benefits for life. 

We have much to be proud of as a college. Through your support, we will be offering a future full of promise, and endless in potential, for today's BSC students and tomorrow's BSC alumni.

For more information, contact Cory Wrolstad at (701) 224-5702, 800-272-2586 or by e-mail Cory.Wrolstad@bismarckstate.edu.

1939 Society Lifetime Members

Myron H. and Marjory Atkinson 
Timothy Atkinson
Sr. Kathleen Atkinson
Thomas Atkinson
Patrick Atkinson
Elizabeth Atkinson (Wolf)
John Atkinson
Paul Atkinson
Terry Bourgeois
Robb Boyd
Michael Bullinger
Patricia Higgins Caudel
Ryan Caya
Jerry Chaussee
Dr. Steve and Debra (Schmidt) Chuppe
Dr. Gregory  Chuppe
Sue Kucera Connor
Patrick and Mary J. Dirk
Greg Ellwein
Alvin Emineth
Linda Hansen Falkman
Dr. Alison Fallgatter
Jason M. Frank
Lawrence and Cheryl Froelich
Jon Fornshell
Linda Meske Fossum
Bert F. Gerhart
Dr. Nichol Dillavou Goetz
Gail Hagerty and Dale Sandstrom
John P. Hawley
Wayne and Meagan Heckaman
Maxine (Harter) Hill
Debra J. Hoistad and Jo Ann M. Koch
Timothy J. Holtan
Mike and Karen Holman
Gary and Georgie Ann Huber  
Sommer and Jon Hunke
Deborah Guy Igoe
Al Jaeger
Doug and Karen Jensen
Dr. Gary E. Johnson
Paul Johnson
Dr. Curtis and Linda (Swanson) Juhala
Joan Klemer
Loren Kopseng
Deborah  Kraft
Dalles E. Krause
Michael F. LaLonde
Jason and Laura Lueder
Deb Mantz
Thomas Marple
Judy Masset
John Michael McCormack
Christopher Mertz
Dennis F. Meyer
Angie (Binstock) Milakovic
Cheryl Sloan Miller
Kyren and Amanda Miller
Rita Nodland
John Risch
Lloyd Ritchie
Alvin L. Royse
Wanda  Royse
Sheila Schafer
Harold P. Schulz
Gerald and Marilyn (Hoffman) Skogley
Harley E. Swenson
Dr. Ron and Joyce Tello
Bill and Alva Townsend
Morris and Irene (Boehm) Tschider
Carolyn (Heskin) Twingley
Brenda (Johnson) and Michael Tzipori
Victor R. Uttke
Mari Volk
Shelly Wanek
Tony P. Welder