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Are you ready to learn something new for fun, fulfillment or career? From computers to cooking or finance to fitness, Bismarck State College has lots of classes to take you beyond what you know! Enrichment classes are designed to broaden an individual's personal, professional, cultural, and recreational interests. Enrichment classes are offered three times each year: Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer. View our catalog to see our current Enrichment offerings. 

Personal Enrichment Classes:

Most enrichment classes are held on the BSC campus. For detailed directions to your class location, please refer to your confirmation, or call (701) 224-5600 during business hours.

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Do you have a special skill or knowledge that you want to share with the community? Can you decorate a cake with flair or make any craft project look easy? Do you have tips on baking the perfect cookie or creating a stunning floral arrangement? If you have ever wanted to teach something you are passionate about, consider submitting a class idea today!

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