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BSC receives donation for JET program


Hess Corp. presented a $75,000 donation to Bismarck State College (BSC) for the Job Experience Training (JET) program that is part of BSC’s... continue reading

Texas, North Dakota, And New Mexico Leading the U.S. Shale Oil Revolution


Since 2008, the American shale oil boom has grown domestic crude production some 150% to 12.4 million b/d. It's been a huge shale party especially... continue reading

Career fair offers students insider information on career opportunities in oil and gas


Sophomores Lexi Christiensen and Samantha Nieves, both 15, are in oil class together at Williston High School. Naturally, they came... continue reading

As oil industry grows, so will electric power consumption in western North Dakota


Consumption of electricity in western North Dakota is expected to grow significantly over the next two decades, the director of the North... continue reading

Water-oil world shows increasing trend toward automation


A peek inside the world of oil today shows an industry moving more and more toward automation, both for safety and better economics. These... continue reading

Renewables exceed 20.3% of U.S. electricity and outpace nuclear power


Renewable energy sources — including wind, solar, hydropower, biomass, and geothermal — accounted for more than a fifth (20.3%)... continue reading

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