Energy News

Oasis celebrates completion of new gas processing plant in North Dakota


Oasis Midstream Partners will celebrate Friday the completion of a natural gas processing plant, a highly anticipated project as North Dakota’s... continue reading

The last mile: How agencies and companies are connecting workers with energy jobs


Time was, a student could graduate from high school on Sunday, then wake up on Monday to the promise of a good-paying job. And a big part... continue reading

The Digital Oilfield: How digital technologies are changing the oil industry in ND and nationwide


A columnist from Pennsylvania has a message that people in the Dakotas and Minnesota should hear. It’s this: Today’s oil-and-gas... continue reading

New natural gas processing plant announced for Bakken


A company that’s constructing a new natural gas processing plant in the core of the Bakken announced plans this week for a second plant,... continue reading

BSC starts energy training program in Saudi Arabia


Bismarck State College has started an energy training program for male high school graduates in Saudi Arabia. After months of contract... continue reading

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