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Digital Media

Many BSC events are either livestreamed or recorded in order to provide greater access to the communities we serve. Our goal is to engage with the public, students and alumni in a multitude of ways. In addition to Livestreaming we invite you to browse our Vimeo page follow us on Facebook.



Mystic Media

BSC's student production of media is called Mystic MediaLogo of Mystic Media Bismarck State College Student Productions

KFYR-TV recently gave a $25,000 grant to BSC’s Mass Communications department. The donation made it possible to move the Mystic Media Studios to the BSC Armory and to remodel that new studio space.
The move brings students closer to the Mystic basketball and volleyball games they livestream online as part of their coursework. The livestream broadcasts are viewed by 800-1,000 people per game. To make it happen, students run the cameras, show replays and do the announcing and directing.MM STUDIO
That’s not the only hands-on experience students receive while in the program. The KFYR-TV Mystic Media Studios in the Armory are headquarters for the robust production side of BSC’s Mass Communications program. Students create The Mystician, a print and online news magazine; MystiCast, a broadcast production; The MYX, a radio station; and Figments of Imagination, a literary arts magazine.