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Youth Programs

Summer Reading Programs for Children and Adults

Bismarck State College, Continuing Education annoBoyreading.jpgunces spring and summer Live Online Reading Skills Programs ( to help students in our community build strong skills and develop a deep love of reading. There are classes starting right away to help students keep learning, keep reading, and, importantly, keep connecting with other kids in this challenging time.

These programs are designed and taught by the Institute of Reading Development, a nationwide provider of reading skills instruction since 1970, and a leader in live online education for children. The Institute has taught thousands of face-to-face online programs to more than 50,000 students of all ages, with experienced and inspiring teachers who know how to provide effective instruction in this format.

Programs for every grade feature a dynamic online class where students can see, hear, and speak with each other and their teacher in real time. During class, students read and discuss great books and learn age-appropriate reading skills. Between classes, they complete independent reading assignments and interactive online skills lessons, so they continue learning and reading throughout each week. With these live online reading programs, parents can feel confident that their kids will continue to grow, building skills and immersing themselves in some of the best books written for children at every age.

To learn more or enroll, visit or call 1-800-903-2173.

Tech Camp

Bismarck State College holds a one-day Tech Camp during the summer months at the BSC Technical Center. The camp is for middle and high school students in grades 7 to 11.

For students entering grades 6 through 10. The camp is geared towards beginners, but all levels are welcome! Pre-registration is required. 

Tech camp offers students an opportunity to work on technical projects and explore careers in the technology industry - networking, web development, computer programming, computer hardware, Geographic Information Systems, engineering technology, and databases.

Tech Camp is geared towards beginners, but all levels are welcome. Pre-registration is required and the camp is limited to 30 participants.

Southwest Regional Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is the nation's premier science event challenging students on 6400 teams in 50 states to leverage their science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) abilities in a variety of cooperative and competitive events. Bismarck State College has hosted the competition locally since 1985, helping hundreds of ND STEAM Science Olympians gain the skills and confidence they need to achieve great things.
This year's Southwest Regional Science Olympiad was supposed to be held on Thursday, March 26, 2020, but due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, it was cancelled.

When the event is held, teams are limited to 16 per division due to time and space restrictions. Schools may have more than one team per school. If you have any questions regarding registration for the event, refer to the North Dakota Science Olympiad Homepage. All of our registration information will be collected electronically.

2019 Final Results

     Division B (Jr. High)
     Division C (Sr. High)

Scrub Camp

Scrub Camp is a one day event that was supposed to happen on Monday, April 13, 2020 from 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Bismarck State College Health Sciences building, 1133 College Drive, Bismarck, ND. However, with the current health crisis, it has been canceled. We will work on refunding the registration fees to the credit card initially used but it could possibly take a few weeks to get all of them processed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.107896583_xl_EDIT_web.jpg

At the BSC Scrub Camp, children ages 7-13 participate in nursing activities and games with members of the BSC Student Nurses Organization. They learn about the body, listen to the heart and lungs, check blood pressure and care for wounds. Participants receive lunch, a scrub top, stethoscope and nursing treat bag!

Please email Deb Cave, or call 224-2431 with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

Spring Ag Academy

Every year, student groups, grades 7-12, lead by teachers and/or career counselors are invited to attend BSC's Spring Ag Academy at the Career Center. It is a FREE event where participants explore the BSC Agriculture, Technology and Natural Resources Program.  There are guided agriculture lab sessions which include plant science, animal science, GIS/GPS technology and career opportunities.  It is also a great time to discover the BSC campus with lunch at the Student Union and campus tours available from our admissions team. 

Participants receive a BSC backpack FULL of swag including a t-shirt, hat, pens, notebooks, pop sockets and more! The students will also be entered into a drawing for a $500 BSC Foundation Scholarship!

Please email Wendy Helbling, or call 224-2617 with any questions or concerns.

Know Your State

North Dakota is a beautiful state with a variety of topographic features, interesting political agendas, a leading producer of agriculture products, an abundant energy base, great educational opportunities, and a rich cultural heritage. The Know Your State contest has been designed with the intent to encourage North Dakota students to gain a greater interest in North Dakota and through this knowledge become a better educated citizen, voter and leader for the state.

Save the Date! April 26, 2021
*For registration details visit our Youth Programs page in our Continuing Education section.

2019 State Winners

Jamestown High School, Park River Area High School, Turtle-Lake Mercer High School, New Salem-Almont High School, and Wahpeton High School