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Program/Advisor/Multiple Program Request

If you wish to change your advisor, go into a different program, or pursue multiple programs at the same time, you must fill out the Program, Advisor or Multiple Program Change Request.

Along with a new program of study, a student has the option of requesting a new advisor or having one assigned.  Contingent of the program, the request will be considered with respect to meeting necessary qualifications and the availability of space in that program.
  • Students who change programs (i.e. Liberal Arts to Human Services) must meet the degree requirements in effect for the term they changed or added programs.
  • Students who change plans (i.e. Certificate to AAS) but remain in the same program; may chose the degree requirements in effect at the time they started the program as long as the student has been continuously enrolled or they can choose the degree requirements in effect during the academic year they plan to meet degree requirements.
  • Program, Advisor or Multiple Program change requests are accepted up to the fourth week of the semester or if the student has not enrolled in classes. Requests received after the fourth week will be processed for the following semester.
  • Students should allow up to 7 working days for processing. Confirmation of the change will be sent to their BSC student email.

Steps for Requesting a Program, Advisor, or Multiple Program Change

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to learn about what is required to complete the new program of study.
  2. If receiving financial aid, check with the Financial Aid Office to make sure the change will not affect financial aid eligibility.
  3. Complete the Program, Advisor or Multiple Program Change Request
    • Sign into Campus Connection
    • Select BSC eForms tile
    • Left menu - Expand Academic Records    
    • Select Academic Records in the left menu
    • Select "Program, Advisor or Multiple Program Change Request”.
    • Complete the form and click submit.
Note:  Students switching from non-degree to degree seeking must change to degree-seeking prior to course registration for that semester, complete a new application for admission and satisfy any additional admission requirements as a degree seeking student.