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Know Your State


North Dakota is a beautiful state with a variety of topographic features, interesting political agendas, a leading producer of agriculture products, an abundant energy base, great educational opportunities, and a rich cultural heritage. The Know Your State contest has been designed with the intent to encourage North Dakota students to gain a greater interest in North Dakota and through this knowledge become a better educated citizen, voter and leader for the state.  

Important 2025 dates to remember:

  • February 17 - March 11: School/Student Test Registration
    • Make sure to pre-register your students for the test. You are allowed to submit up to 5 students at a time; after submission, you will see a display of the information you entered.
  • March 17-28: Online Pre-Test
  • Week of April 4: Students notified of acceptance for final, onsite test
  • April 18: Attendance RSVPs due
  • April 29: Final test at Bismarck State College


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