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Art of Public Speaking
The number one thing people fear more than death is public speaking. This workshop will take you out of the fear zone and into the front of your audience. Attendees will learn speaking skills for professional situations as well as with media personnel. JA
Communication Styles 101
Discover the foundational communication secrets necessary to respond with confidence, assurance, and grace, even under pressure. Discover what causes miscommunication and conflict. Recognize how the different sexes and personalities communicate. Learn common communication styles and processing patterns. And, be trained in an active listening technique that builds trust and common ground. MARP
Conflict Resolution for Teams
It’s time to build unity and resolve conflict with honor. Learn original and unique techniques to understand complicated emotions during conflict. Deal with internal and imaginary conflict in a healthy, proactive way. And implement a proven system to give everyone the time they need to process conflict and diffuse it before it gets worse. MARP
Crucial Conversations
Many communication problems are caused by how people behave when they disagree with others.  We often try to avoid these conversations because we are afraid matters will just get worse. In fact, avoidance itself makes things worse.  This crash-course will explore the core principles of an effective and results-driven conversation.  Participants will enhance their conflict management abilities in both personal and professional conversations. KK

Dangerous Hope--How to Make Your Disappointments Matter
We all hope for many things in our lives. For our circumstances to change, for our businesses to be successful, for equality, justice, and positive change, and even for a cure to disease. But when the things we hope for don’t happen, we can get stuck in a cycle of disappointment. But what if it didn’t have to be this way? What if, instead, we recognized our disappointment for what it is — a part of the Cycle of Dangerous Hope, rich with opportunities designed to help us grow? MARP

Diversity and Inclusion: Creating an Inclusive Culture
The greatest companies of today are companies that embrace diversity and inclusion. It is the organization that creates teams that are not solely based on seniority but are focused on the strengths of the individual regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity. To compete in this ever-changing economy, the businesses that will flourish in the future are those that make inclusion a cornerstone of their business. SJ

Fred Factor

Uncover the simple steps you can take to move your life from the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Learn the Fred Factor principles that will release fresh energy, enthusiasm, and creativity in your career and life.  KK
Generations in the Workforce
Employers and employees are facing the challenge of managing a workforce made up of five generations.  Most training, research, and informational articles continuously point on the blaring differences of each generation and the clashes that can potentially occur. This workshop takes a slightly unconventional approach of examining the commonalities….and there is more than you think! Let’s dig into similarities that unite and utilize the unique strengths each generation brings to the table. KK, FD

Leading Yourself
Ever find yourself being a “Judgey McJudgerson” at work? You know, the conversation in your head or with co-workers that starts with “Geez…our boss should have handled that differently. Or can you believe what this co-worker just said? I would have said that in a much nicer gentler way!” But have you really…REALLY assessed how you are leading yourself with as much scrutiny as you do others? This workshop will put your own leadership in the spotlight.  Is there a gap of truth between how you THINK you act and how you REALLY appear to others? By tackling some tough questions, participants will gain insight to their own leadership abilities and examine tools for growth.  KK

Navigating Workplace Stress Through COVID Chaos
Workplace stress is not a new phenomenon.  However, throw in a national pandemic, economic upheaval and staff shortages and stress takes on entirely new dimension.  This workshop will examine key strategies any level of employee can use to navigate the “new normal” and build a tool kit for success.  Participants will explore:

  • Recognizing and honoring your emotions and those of others 

  • Finding Moments of Joy

  • Unplugging from Social and News Media

  • Building Connections KK

Real Love in the workplace
Attendees will learn:

  • How to become the kind of leader people will want to follow.
  • How to create customers who are not just satisfied but eager to stay with your company.
  • How to create a workplace with communicative, creative, cooperative, happy employees.
  • How to eliminate—not just manage—conflict in the workplace.
  • How to correct behaviors in a way that people will be eager to hear it. HA

Robert’s Rules Were Meant to be Broken
Robert’s Rules of Order can create disorder if not used properly.  This presentation will prepare your members for successful meeting and highlight the common uses and misuses of Mr. Robert’s Rules.  FD
She Who Overcomes - Rising Out of the Ashes of Your Circumstances
Discover how to live the authentic life of an overcomer. Using Ancient Wisdom and personal stories of overcoming painful circumstances, participants will be equipped to stand firm when others crumble, persist and find purpose in their lives, and build their hope. MARP
Speak Easy
Don't let a fear of public speaking prohibit you from effective communication. This one-hour session will give you the confidence to speak easy. FD
The Art of P.A.U.S.E. — Simple Tips for Managing Stress so You can Live and Lead Better
In this interactive session about managing stress, the audience will discover how to move past the three myths of pausing to rest. What stress really looks like, feels like, and sounds like in their body. And learn the 5 steps of P.A.U.S.E so managing stress becomes a lifelong practice. MARP
The OG, The NG, and The Three R's 
This story will introduce Our Generation (or what some might call the Old Generation) to the Next Generation coming into today's work environment. Participants will learn how to work cohesively with different generations as well as how to recruit, retain, recognize the new cubs in our forests. While these new bears might scare you at first, the porridge they have to offer is prepared quite differently, but tastes delicious.  JA

Word! To your Brother! 
Learn how to work with the media to get your important company or fundraising information and news out to the general public. JA


Embracing Personal Leadership in Times of Crisis
We can't control much when a crisis appears. But we can control something- yourself. In this workshop, participants will learn the techniques to help ground yourself and release stress when crisis happens. They will discover how to make smart decisions and the power of connection so they can live and lead well in times of crisis. MARP
Downsizing Your Way to Happiness
Have you ever really thought about the philosophy less is more? This presentation will examine how attaching emotional needs to “stuff” can add more stress to our lives.  KK
Drive to fly
Sometimes roads can be smooth, providing us the greatest paths in life and other times be bumpy and give us potholes! The speaker parallels life to roads, cars, and obstacles and how one should aim only for the sky. JA
Eustress, Distress, and We All Stress
In this presentation, you will learn about what stress is, the impact stress can have on your physical and psychological health, and ways to manage stress more effectively.  FD

I Don’t Want to Grow Upa
There came a point in our life where we HAD to grow up and the inner child within us got lost and the stress of life came into play. This session will take you back to your inner child, who will help you find the fun in life you were meant to live and look at work from a different perspective. JA

Laws of Life Change
Most of us are keenly aware of areas we'd like to improve or change about how we think or act, but some of those habits are deeply imbedded and seem impossible to shift. This message will unlock listeners' power to pursue personal growth by exposing and breaking the barriers that stand in the way. By mastering the Laws of Life Change, our capacity for growth increases exponentially. AM

Life Balance—Relieving Stress
This presentation will help motivate you to be the best you can be at home and work. We will calculate our own hours and how they are spent. We will also look at tools for time management and setting priorities to find a rewarding and balanced life. KK

Public Speaking Reimagined 
There's no shortage of literature about public speaking, but experts often focus on a single strategy. But public speaking happens most effectively when we draw from our own unique strengths and passions to connect on a personal level with our listeners. This session will help you to identify your personal "voice" for public speaking and share some concrete options for both crafting and delivering great messages.  AM
Relationship Revolution
Family, work, and social relationships require attention and effort. Since we can't control how others operate, we must focus on our own personal health and relational habits, so that we can draw healthy boundaries and have something to offer those we relate to. This session will explore the dynamics of healthy relationships and the steps one can take to improve relationships that have faced conflict or disappointment.  AM
Self-Care to Community Transformation: How to Change the World by Starting with Yourself
This presentation will prompt learning and interaction around the essential steps for pursuing personal growth and change to lay a foundation for community impact. Too often, our personal issues or limitations hinder our ability to make a difference, and by addressing these barriers, we expand our philanthropic potential. AM
Spare Change
Enjoy an amusing and applicable presentation about change. Move from fearing change to fostering it. Learn how to communicate the need for and the benefits of change, how to work through tough change, and how to create an environment that embraces and initiates change.  FD
Tales from the Sidewalk… a New Farm Wife
A funny yet passionate look at the role of a new farm wife. Participants will smile and nod in agreement as they relate to the trials and tribulation of having a love affair with the land. KK
The Creativity within You
In this session, you will rediscover the creativity you were born with and will have a new perspective of how to do things differently.  JA
The Math of Conflict Resolution
Conflict develops in every organization, and how you handle it makes all the difference in the world. By training your team to recognize unhealthy "shapes" of conflict resolution and opt for an effective means of reconciliation, your workplace will be an exponentially more life-giving and effective environment, and your retention rates will increase dramatically. AM
The Power of Age
Our increasing life expectancy introduces medical and political challenges, but it also creates an incredible opportunity. This message will explore the insightful resources that we acquire with age, how they can be passed on, and the benefits we experience by doing so.  AM
Unbroken - Embracing the Cracks That Are Making You Whole
We all have choices when life falls apart. We can choose to rise and fight. Or we can choose to stay broken and hopeless. The choice is up to you. Through stories of overcoming trauma and living with mental health challenges audiences will be inspired to believe that brokenness does not disqualify them from living and leading well. It prepares them. MARP
360 Degrees of Servant Leadership          
This form of leadership is effective because it can be cultivated at every level of the organization, from senior and middle management down to specialists and contract employees.  This message explores the essential aspects of servant leadership, and the practical steps by which management can incorporate these principles into their mission, vision, and daily operations.  AM
Vision-Driven Leadership
Is your organization driven by a vision or merely built around a routine for managing systems and people?  This session will help you take an inventory of how "vision-driven" your team is, how to craft a new vision, or how to improve your existing one. Finally, we'll underscore the essential ways to weave your vision into everything you do.   AM
Volunteers and the Three R’s
In this session, you will learn how to recruit, retain and recognize the gems in your organization.  JA
What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?
This session reminds us it is never too late or impossible to reach our dreams by setting goals.  JA
You are Resilient—How to Bounce Back from Life's Greatest Challenges
In this interactive session about overcoming difficulties, and advocating for yourself to build your resilience, participants discover how resilience is built through overcoming challenges, four ways resilient people face hard situations, and how sharing your story builds your resilience and a better future. MARP


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