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Placement Testing

Bismarck State College (BSC) along with the North Dakota University System (NDUS) requires all students to take a placement assessment. BSC only administers the ACCUPLACER, but accepts all of the placement assessments listed on the NDUS Student Placement into College Courses site.
ACCUPLACER Exam Information
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BSC uses the following ACCUPLACER placement tests:
  • Next Generation Writing: This 25 multiple-choice question test assesses the student’s ability to revise and edit multi-paragraph text. Students will answer questions covering two broad knowledge and skills categories: Expression of Ideas (Development, Organization, Effective Language Use) & Standard English Conventions (Sentence Structure, Usage, Punctuation).

  • Next Generation Reading: This test is comprised of 20 multiple-choice questions that assesses the student’s ability to understand what you read and to identify main ideas within passages of text.

  • Next Generation Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS): This 20 multiple-choice question test assesses the student’s knowledge and skills in exponents, algebraic expressions, linear applications and graphs, and geometry concepts. Some, but not all, of the math questions contain a pop-up calculator for students to use in the test; outside calculators are not allowed.
  Learn more about the ACCUPLACER Tests HERE.

Students are allowed to take the ACCUPLACER 3 times per semester.

ACCUPLACER Exam (Remote Students)
*Remote Accuplacer options have been suspended at this time. Check back for updates!

Do you need to take the ACCUPLACER but you are not near Bismarck State College?

You can...

Option 1 - Remote Proctoring

Take your test at a local testing center in your city. This will enable you to take your ACCUPLACER test at a different campus.

Option 2 - Virtual Remote Proctoring
Virtual remote proctoring allows you to have your ACCUPLACER test proctored online from your own computer! This will enable you to take the ACCUPLACER test at any location, including your own home! You must have a photo ID and your computer must meet the technical specifications required for testing. Check here.

To take your ACCUPLACER remotely:

  1. Contact BSC Testing Services at 701-224-5658 to receive assistance in finding a local testing center.
  2. Pay the $20 ACCUPLACER fee to BSC  AccuplacerPayment.png
  3. BSC Testing Services will submit a Voucher to the location of your choice, or contact the testing center proctor if a Voucher is not available.
  4. Contact the testing location to schedule an appointment and bring the Voucher with you. You are responsible for paying any proctoring fee they may have.
  5. Take your ACCUPLACER exam! BSC will receive the results automatically and enter your scores into our system.

For Virtual Remote Proctoring (extra fee of $25):

Watch instructional video here!
  1. RECOMMENDED - TEST YOUR SYSTEM. It only takes a few minutes and it saves time on the day of your test. Click here to test your system. 
  2. Contact BSC Testing Services at 701-224-5658
  3. Pay the $20 ACCUPLACER fee to BSC AccuplacerPayment.png
  4. BSC Testing Services will send you a Voucher with a unique voucher code via email.
  5. Follow the instructions below.
Step 2: Register for your ACCUPLACER test.
  1. When you receive the voucher from BSC, click the link within the voucher to register:
  2. Click on Option 1 - "Schedule Your Test"
  3. Register for online proctoring. Select the institution: Bismarck State College ACCUPLACER
  4. Pay ACCUPLACER the $25 proctoring fee
  5. Schedule your ACCUPLACER test
Step 3: Schedule your ACCUPLACER test
  1. Login using email address and password you created during the registration process above.
  2. You will be taken to the "Welcome To The Online Proctored Test Scheduling Portal"
  3. Select Test you need to take: (Will be listed on your Voucher)
  4. Enter the voucher number that was issued to you by your institution
  5. Choose your requested date and time from the calendar option on the left
  6. Select a 30 minute appointment time with an available proctor to start your test. Note: The appointment time is NOT how long you have to complete the test
  7. Complete the process and choose Submit
  8. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions for your online proctored placement test. Please keep this email as it included specific instructions that you will need to begin the test on the date and time you have chosen.
  9. In the event that you need to reschedule your test, please visit this scheduling site, log in, cancel your existing appointment, and reschedule your test.
  10. TEST YOUR SYSTEM prior to your test. It only takes a few minutes and it saves time on the day of your test. Click here to test your system.
  11. Take your test on the date and time you choose!
Accuplacer Study Guides

The ACCUPLACER placement exam focuses on English (Writing), Reading, and Mathematics skills. Below, you will find study guides to help you prepare for the Accuplacer

You can also register for the free Study App HERE.
Students can prepare for the Accuplacer and view their results on their Student Portal HERE.

Placement Score Requirements
Technical Program Placement Requirements
Students applying for admission to limited enrollment Technical programs are required to obtain specific placement scores before being accepted in that program. Each program has designated placement score requirements for both the ACT and ACCUPLACER exams. Click here for further details regarding our limited enrollment programs.

ACT and SAT scores are valid for 5 years. ACCUPLACER scores are valid for 3 years. BSC no longer accepts COMPASS scores.

Testing Location:
Bismarck State College
Schafer Hall 205
1500 Edwards Avenue