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Grades & GPA

A student’s course work is graded based on A, B, C, D, F, S, U, and AU. A placeholder for an incomplete (I) can also be temporarily assigned administratively. Listed below are the quality and description for each grade that can be granted to the student by the instructor.
  • A = Superior
    • Credit is granted.
  • B = Above Average
    • Credit is granted.
  • C = Average
    • Credit is granted.
  • D = Below Average
    • If received in a prerequisite course the student may not qualify for the next course sequence.
    • Credit is granted.
  • F = Failing -- Attended
    • Credit is not granted.
  • S = Satisfactory
    • Passing grade for course taken on satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.
  • U = Unsatisfactory – Attended
    • Failing grade for course taken on satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.
  • I = Incomplete
    • A temporary placeholder given to a student that is doing satisfactory work over the time the course is scheduled due to reasons beyond their control they are granted an extension to complete the coursework.
    • The course requirements must be completed and a final grade submitted by mid-term of the following semester or the incomplete (I) automatically becomes a failing (F) grade.
  • AU = Audit
    • Student attends course but is not obligated to complete assignments or take tests.
    • Credit is not granted.
  • W = Withdrawal
    • Recorded on student’s transcript if they withdraw from a course past the last day to drop without record.
Adobe Reader download Students have access to view their final grades online through CampusConnection approximately two days after the course end date. To access, the student must know their CampusConnection user id and password, a help sheet for View my Grades is found online.
Review BSC Student Policy – Grades

Audit a Course

An audit student is one who attends class but is not obligated to complete assignments or take tests and will not receive a grade or college credit. Students that are enrolled who wish to change their status from audit to credit or credit to audit may do so before the deadline to add the course.

Steps to Audit a Course
  1. Review the BSC Student Policy – Auditing
  2. Review the Dates and Deadlines
    Note: The audit must be completed prior to the last day to add
  3. If receiving financial aid, check with the Financial Aid Office to make sure the change will not affect financial aid eligibility
  4. Correspond with the instructor of the course to determine if an audit is appropriate for you
  5. Obtain course override

Course Repeat

Students who wish to improve a previously earned grade, may repeat the course. The repeat of a course is applicable to a BSC course in addition to transfer credit as long as the course is deemed equivalent to a BSC course. All enrollments in a course will appear on the official transcript. The grade earned in the last enrollment will be used in calculating grade point average and degree requirements, even if that grade is lower. Student should seek academic advisement before deciding to repeat a course. The repeat of the course is determined and the updated grade point average is reflected once, at the end of each semester, after final grades have been posted in CampusConnection. 
BSC Student Policy – Repeating a Course

Grade Appeal

A grade appeal only applies to the final course grade. The assignment of a grade is the right and responsibility of the instructor. It is the right and responsibility of the student to appeal a grade he/she deems arbitrary. To challenge a final grade the student believes is incorrect; they must contact the instructor as soon as possible.
BSC Student Policy – Student Grievance and Appeal

Grade Change

Submitted grades, except for grades of incomplete, are final and may only be changed by instructor to correct human error or fraud (plagiarism or cheating). Grades may not be changed for students submitting additional work or materials past the last day of course. To question a course grade the student should contact the instructor as soon as possible. After the grade change is converted to a final grade the academic standing and honors will be updated accordingly. 
BSC Student Policy – Final Grade Change

Academic Forgiveness

A former BSC Student, who has not completed an associate degree, diploma, or certificate, and has not been in attendance at BSC for four or more years, may request to exclude from GPA calculations all grades earned in selected full semester interval. A student may only exercise the option of academic forgiveness once. Although the grades will be excluded from calculating the students GPA the courses and forgiven grades will remain on the student’s official transcript.
Steps to Request Academic Forgiveness
  1. Review BSC Student Policy – Academic Forgiveness
  2. Meet with your academic advisor to determine if academic forgiveness is appropriate for you.
  3. Submit the Academic Forgiveness Request.
Secure request (NDUS Username & Password required):
  1. Sign into CampusConnection
  2. Select BSC eForms tile
  3. Select Academic Records in the left menu
  4. Select "Academic Forgiveness"
Unsecure request (Authentication not required)
  1. Go to NDUS Guest Page
  2. Select Bismarck State College in the left menu
  3. Select "Academic Forgiveness" 

Grade Point Average

Grade Point Average (GPA) is the single most important piece of information that transfer colleges and employers want to know.  The GPA is the total of all honor points divided by the total of all credit hour. For example:

  1. To calculate your GPA, set up four columns and record grade points for letter grades as follow: A=4 points, B=3 points, C=2 points, D=1 point, F=0 points.
  2. Multiply the grade points per credit by the course credits.
  3. Total grade points earned = 36.
  4. Then divide the total grade points earned by the total number of course credits to find your GPA.
  5. 36 points divided by 16 course credits = 2.25 GPA.
Subject Letter Grade Grade Points Per Credit   Course Credits   Total Grade Points
Algebra D 1 X 3 = 3
Western Civ. F 0 X 0 = 0
Psychology A 4 X 3 = 12
English B 3 X 3 = 9
Biology B 3 X 4 = 12
Totals       16   36
  • Institutional GPA is calculated using only BSC coursework.
  • Cumulative GPA is calculated using BSC Coursework plus transfer coursework.
  • Prescribed Technical GPA is calculated using the required prescribed technical course curriculum for the program.
To calculate your GPA, use the online GPA calculator listed below.
BSC Student Policy – Honor Points & GPA                   BSC GPA Calculator

Honor Points

Honor points are assigned to the following letter grades and are used to determine the grade point average of the student:
  • A = 4 honor points
  • B = 3 honor points
  • C = 2 honor points
  • D = 1 honor point
  • F = 0 honor points
  • S = 0 honor points
  • U = 0 honor points
  • I = 0 honor points
  • AU = 0 honor points
  • W = 0 honor points
BSC Student Policy – Honor Points & GPA

Incomplete Course

Students who are doing acceptable work may request an incomplete placeholder if they are unable to complete the course requirements by the end of the course due to extenuating circumstances. An incomplete can negatively affect financial aid status and delay degree awarding.

Students must request approval from the instructor, if approved he or she shall define, in a written agreement via the Incomplete Course Form, how the course will be completed. The Incomplete Course Form will be submitted by the instructor to the Academic Records Office. Once the form is received an “I” will be entered on to the student’s academic record in lieu of a grade. Students can view the incomplete placeholder via their CampusConnection unofficial transcript

Students must complete the requirements within the time period agreed to; maximum time allowed is no later than 4:00 pm Friday of mid-term of the next semester (excluding summer) in which the incomplete was assigned. Students who do not complete the requirements within the agreement before the maximum deadline, the incomplete will automatically be converted to a failing (F) or unsuccessful (U) final grade. After the incomplete is converted to a final grade the academic standing and honors will be updated accordingly.

BSC Student Policy – Incomplete Course