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Estimate Your Tuition -

Estimate Your Tuition

Estimate Your Tuition

We understand planning for college can be stressful, so we have developed a couple of Cost Estimation tools to help get students started with their financial planning.  

Bismarck State College assesses tuition/fees based on the type of course a student is enrolled.  There are four main categories of courses that programs offered at Bismarck State College fall into when helping to determine the tuition rate a student may be assessed:
•    General Education + Transfer (Tuition Category 1)
•    Technical + Energy (Tuition Category 2)
•    Nursing (Tuition Category NURS)
•    Bachelor of Applied Science (Tuition Category BAS, courses offered at the 300 & 400 level)

If you are looking for a quick cost estimate to attend BSC, please click on the “Quick Cost Estimator” button and answer the questions.  This will provide students with an estimate for tuition, fees and if applicable, resident hall average charges for an Academic Year.

If you are looking for a more detailed breakdown of semester costs, please click on the BSC Semester Cost Worksheet for the current Academic Year.  This tool can help you determine how much financial assistance you may need to start taking classes at BSC. Just because you applied for financial aid does not guarantee you will receive it. Check your To Do list in Campus Connection to make sure you have completed all necessary steps. Remember tuition and fees are due on the first day your classes start.

Use of the "Cost Estimation Worksheet" is provided to give you an idea of what costs might be based on general information and is NOT considered a binding obligation.