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Military Students

Military Tuition Assistance (Military TA)

Military TA can cover BSC tuition costs only. Mandatory fees and class fees are not covered by TA, and are the direct responsibility of the student, per the Department of Defense. 

**Military students may qualify for the North Dakota Military/Veteran Residency Rate for tuition. Click here to find out.

Student payment is due on the first day of class for all fees, as well as any tuition not covered by the TA.
  • Payment in full or a TA is due immediately for students who register, add classes, or incur other charges later.
  • TA applications and guidelines are on each military branch site, and must be approved prior to the start of class.
  • The following information must be accurately reflected on your TA.  Do not include Mandatory fees or class fees.
    • Course Number
    • Course Subject/Description
    • Credit hours
    • Class meeting dates
    • Correct tuition charged
  • Once enrolled, view course information on your Class Schedule, in the dropdown under Academics in your student account.
  • Total tuition costs can be found within the Finance section under Student Account Detail.
  • Tuition and Mandatory fee costs can be found on the Tuition & Fees page, listed by academic year.
PLEASE NOTE: Inaccurate TA forms will not be submitted for payment, resulting in the tuition and course fee costs becoming the responsibility of the student.  The TA must also be obtained prior to the start of class.

Army IgnitED Students:  BSC is a LOI school which means tuition assistance will not be reflected on your BSC student account until the class is 19% complete and no sooner than after the 16th of the month.

WAWF and AI Portal Students:  You must submit the approved TA to BSC Student Finance by fax to (701)224-5550, or scan and email to immediately upon approval.

Upon receipt of a correctly submitted Military TA per Department of Defense regulations, BSC Student Finance will adjust your account balance according to accepted eligible charges equal to or under the approved TA costs.  Military TA amounts submitted less than the actual tuition charge will not be increased without a new Military TA form.
  1. Any balance not covered by a TA based on the Department of Defense authorized charges are due on or before the first day of class and can be paid by any of the following options:
    1. Pay Online Now within the Student Center under Finances with check, check card or credit card: Click Pay Online (Please wait while the page loads.) Choose Payments from the main menu at the top of the page. Make sure the account information is showing Bismarck, click Go, Pay and select the payment method--check, bank/credit card.
    2. Money orders or mailed payments must be received by the college on or before the payment deadline so please allow ample time for delivery. We suggest at least 2-weeks before the deadline if residing in Continental US, and additional time if overseas. If you are likely to miss the deadline, please pay with check or bank/credit card online. Mailed payments can be addressed to:

                                                                          BSC Student Finance 
                                                                                  PO Box 5587
                                                                     Bismarck, ND 58506-5587

  2. Unpaid balances will:
    1. Receive a 1.75% late fee on any balance that is 30 days past due on the 14 of each month.
    2. Obtain a Hold on any balance 2 days past due preventing the student from receiving transcripts or enrolling in any additional courses.
    3. Obtain a Global Service Indicator after 90 days past due on a balance of $300 or more, preventing enrollment at any NDUS Institution.
    4. Be submitted to a collection agency at any point a balance has reached 180 days past due.
If you still have questions, email us at:
or call Student Finance at:  Last Name A-K 701-224-5533, Last Name L-Z 701-224-5706

BSC is approved to offer programs to veterans and other eligible persons for veteran's benefits. For details, visit the BSC Veterans Services site.

Federal Financial Aid may be available through grants and loan programs. In general, to qualify for most federal financial aid you must be enrolled in 6.0 units each semester and demonstrate financial eligibility through the regular application process. Receiving reimbursement through the Tuition Assistance program does not disqualify any student from applying for financial aid. Please visit the Financial Aid site to review your options.