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Humanities in Person Podcast

Humanities in Person is a series of podcasts exploring the impact of humanities in our work and daily lives. Each episode features current and former humanities scholars at Bismarck State College. The series is sponsored by the Bringing Humanities to Life Project at BSC.

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Humanities in Person – Kiku Hughes

Kim Crowley, associate professor of English at BSC, talks with Kiku Hughes, author and illustrator of the "Displacement." Hughes' graphic novel is the 2022 BSC Campus Read selection. 

Humanities in Person – Kaylyn Bondy

Kaylyn Bondy is the vice president for student affairs at Bismarck State College. Her studies in German in high school and French in college propelled her to extended travels in Europe and advanced degrees in international business and most recently higher education.

Humanities in Person – Erin Price

Erin Price is an associate professor of English at Bismarck State College. The writings of Jack Kerouac were an early influence on her interest in literature, and the lyrics of Jim Morrison led to her thesis scholarship on the poetry of William Blake.

Humanities in Person – Charlotte Williams

Charlotte Williams is an assistant professor of psychology at Bismarck State College, but she began her academic journey as an English major. With her background in clinical work, she explores in the podcast the overlap of literary studies and psychology for understanding and empathizing with people.

Humanities in Person – Michael R. Tomanek and Jane M. Schreck

In the pilot episode, regular hosts Michael Tomanek and Jane Schreck interview each other about what led each to a major in English. Tomanek is an associate professor of English at Bismarck State College and chair of the Language, Literature & Communication Department. Schreck retired in May 2021 after over 20 years of teaching at Bismarck State College. She was a professor of English and is now professor emerita.

Humanities in Person – Larry Skogen

Larry Skogen is currently president emeritus at Bismarck State College. He was hired as president in 2007 and retired in 2020, but for about two years during that time, he stepped away from his role as president to serve as chancellor of the North Dakota University System. In addition to all that leadership work, he is a scholar of history. With a career in the Air Force, he has a special interest in military history, from the Peloponnesian Wars right up to the present.

Humanities in Person – Rachael Southam

Rachael Southam is an assistant professor of English at Bismarck State College. Her scholarly interest is in horror as a literary genre, and her teaching focuses on empowering students to find their voice in writing.

Humanities in Person – Amy Juhala

Amy Juhala is currently the dean of humanities, arts & sciences at Bismarck State College. Her scholarly background is varied and interconnected, with studies in French, economics, and history, and teaching in history and English—all of which inform her work as dean.

Humanities in Person – Tayo Basquiat

Tayo Basquiat teaches philosophy and religion for Bismarck State College. His scholarly interests are broad, but the through-line of his work is an emphasis on ethics and what the ancient Greek philosophers defined as right living.

Humanities in Person – J. Michael McCormack

Mike McCormack retired in 2015 after more than a 50-year association with Bismarck Junior College and Bismarck State College, first as a student then as a professor of history. Mike is now professor emeritus, and in the podcast he discusses how the study of history impacts us—personally, culturally, and economically.