Hands-On Technical Training

ryan.jpgCreating a Smarter, Safer, Stronger Workforce

The hands-on training at the NECE utilizes equipment, trainers, animations and simulations to teach techniques and troubleshooting skills by creating workforce scenarios in a safe environment.
"(BSC’s training) allowed me to work through issues in ways that would be unrealistic in regular operations."  - Will McCarthy, Plant Operator, True Oil LLC

Training Schedule
  • Open Enrollment - The NECE offers scheduled hands-on training opportunities open for enrollment.  View Summer 2018 offerings now!
  • Company Sponsored - The NECE will develop a customized training program that meets your training needs and fits your schedule.

Who is the training designed for?
  • New and seasoned operators and technicians
  • Training Coordinators
  • Supervisors

Training Takeaways
  • Enhanced operation and troubleshooting skill level
  • Contribute to safer work practices
  • Perform more efficiently

Need more information? Contact us at 701-224-5651 or bsc.energy@bismarckstate.edu.

NECE Training Labs & Equipment Available

Biodiesel Production Trainer Operate a biodiesel production unit to produce industry grade biodiesel and associated byproducts.
Boiler/Turbine/Generator Operations of a boiler/turbine/generator set from pre-start to shut down using a Distributive Control System.
BSC Boiler/Turbine/Generator Hard Panel Simulator Learn process flows and complete procedures to fill and maintain water levels on a drum-type boiler.
Coal/Oil Power Plant Simulators Operation of a single unit, coal/oil fired power plant including boiler operation, power generation and grid synchronization.
Control Loop Trainer Identify control loop equipment/process flows, complete hands-on control loop setup and recognize control loop functions.
Distillation Trainer Learn distillation fundamentals from startup to shutdown.
Electrical Circuit Trainers Provides a basic platform to apply electrical motor circuit and resistive load configuration, troubleshooting and analysis.
Honeywell DCS ABB/CE Boiler and General Electric RIS Mark V Turbine Simulator Utilize the simulator to provide common, abnormal and emergency situations, and require trainees to use critical thinking and effective communication skills when responding.
Hydraulic Trainers Provides a basic platform to apply fluid power technologies.
LOTO Trainer Provides a basic platform to apply atypical lock-out tag-out processes.
Mechanical Trainer Learn how a "Driver" is connected to a "Driven" piece of equipment by utilizing common tools and hardware to mount a motor and bearings and connect it to a shaft using couplings and related equipment.
Motor-Generator Sets Provides a basic platform to apply electrical motor-generator circuit configuration, troubleshooting and analysis.
Pipe Fittings Lab Learn to identify and properly assemble common pipe fittings used in the energy industry.
Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams Learn to trace process flows and control loops and identify symbols and labels on piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs).
Process Trainers Learn about various sensing and control devices for liquid flow, level, and pressures.
Pumps and Valves A detailed look at various pumps and valves using cut-aways and visual models. Learn about pump and valve designs and applications.
Pump Dynamic Trainer Compare and contrast a set of dynamic and positive displacement pumps through a series of exercises, including the verification of proper valve alignment, start-up, operation/monitoring and shut down. Students will examine the concepts of suction head pressure and determine the results to which create cavitation and vapor lock.
Simtronics Simulation Training Simulation training modules covering the following topics: Chemical Processing Simulation, Distillation Column Process Simulation, Centrifugal Compressor Simulation, Superheated Steam Boiler, Multi-Element Control Process Simulation and Amine Treating Unit.
Solar Panel Trainers Provides a basic platform to apply electrical solar collector panel theory and practical field applications.
Steam Trap Trainer A comprehensive look at a steam trap safety, operation and efficiency.
Thermal Trainer Learn about various sensing and control devices for temperature measurement and control.
Wind Tower Provides a basic platform to apply rigging and rescue skills, as well as confined space and maintenance practices using a short section of a typical wind tower.