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Valero Partnership

Finish what you started!

BSC and Valero have partnered to help Valero employees complete their education and advance their careers. By participating in Valero’s BOT program, you've already earned 14 credits toward an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Process Technology degree. Now, you can finish your degree entirely online in one year or less, utilizing the convenience and flexibility that BSC offers.

Process Technology at BSC

The Process Technology degree at BSC is designed to prepare students for high-demand careers in the energy sector. The curriculum includes a comprehensive set of courses that cover the essential skills needed in process technology roles. The following credits have already been earned through Valero's BOT program:
  • ENRT 107 - Mechanical Fundamentals
  • ENRT 110 - Plant Equipment and Systems
  • ENRT 112 - Print Reading
  • ENRT 116 - Instrumentation and Control
These foundational courses set the stage for the advanced learning and technical skills required in the industry. Upon completing the AAS degree, you also have the option to further your education with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Energy Management, positioning you for even greater career opportunities.

Valero Employee Tuition Reimbursement

Take advantage of Valero's generous tuition reimbursement program, which covers up to $10,000 per year. This program makes it easy and affordable to continue your education while you work.

Learn more about Valero's Employee Tuition Reimbursement.

To qualify for reimbursement, you must maintain: A minimum grade of B- for bachelor's degrees; and a minimum grade of C- is for associate degrees.

BSC Scholarships and Waivers

BSC also offers a range of scholarships and tuition waivers to further reduce your financial burden. These financial aids are designed to support you in achieving your academic goals without the added stress of significant financial obligations.

By combining Valero’s tuition reimbursement with BSC’s scholarships and waivers, you can graduate with little to no debt.

Ready to take the next step?

Now's the time to advance your career through BSC's Process Technology program. With the support of your employer and the resources provided by BSC, you'll be one step closer to unlocking your full potential and securing your future.