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Student Organizations and Activities

Governing and Organization Boards

Student Government Association (SGA)
The Student Government Association is the officially recognized voice of students at Bismarck State College. Elected representatives of the student body work with BSC administration to meet student needs. SGA serves on a variety of committees and represents students at the meetings of the North Dakota Student Association. Members participate in and lead service projects and help at campus activities. They are the designated body to oversee SGA fees collection and distribution. Be a part of the campus experience through a legacy at SGA.
Contact: 701-224-5635
Advisors: Norman Betland, 701-224-2554 and Tim Adams, 701-224-2702

Congress of Student Organizations (CSO)
The Congress of Student Organizations oversees and regulates campus organizations with the Office of Student and Residence Life. Organization representatives share activities, seek support, and collaborate with other groups on campus. CSO is a great place for connection and meaningful collaboration.
Advisors: Jake Murray, 701-224-5455 and Sarah Owens, 701-224-5677


AG Club

The BSC Ag Club is dedicated to helping the students of BSC ATNR through career development, service opportunities, professional networking and education enhancement. BSC Ag Club also promotes interest in agriculture, educates the general public about the importance of agriculture, inspires interpersonal interactions and enhances students' understanding of local and global agricultural industries.
Advisor: Marko Davinic, 701-224-5409

Amateur Radio Club

Amateur Radio Club seeks the promotion of interest in Amateur Radio communication, experimentation, and research. The advancement of the radio art and the fostering of education in the field of electronic radio communication are a few of this clubs objectives. Enjoy expanding the awareness of BSC through Amateur Radio networks and learn more about communication in the event of disasters and other emergencies.
Advisor: Mike Holman, 701-224-5591

Art Club

The Student Art Club is a wonderful opportunity to become involved with other students interested in creating art. Network, build your resume, and stretch your creative muscles! All skill levels and major/minors are welcome. Be inspired by your peers during weekly art projects and community outreach.
Advisor: Andrea Fagerstrom, 701-224-5520

BSC Clay Dusters

The BSC Clay Dusters shoot organized and sanctioned clay target sports in Bismarck. The group currently shoots American trap, but may expand to sporting clays, five-stand and skeet. They shoot in the fall and spring, but meet multiple times throughout the year.
Advisor: Jason Lueder, 701-224-2580

BSC Gaming Mystics

The BSC Gaming Mystics seek to provide interested students with the opportunity to play games in a competitive college environment and compete with their friends. We hold tournaments on campus with prizes to win, and we scrimmage against University of Jamestown as well as other North Dakota esports teams. Games are live streamed, and you can learn how to do that from home as well through the Gaming Mystics. All skill levels are welcome, we play Overwatch, Apex Legends, VR games, and whatever you would like to bring with you.
Advisor: TBA


Campus Crusade is an internationally affiliated Christian organization geared toward fellowship, worship, and community outreach. Stop by the weekly gathering to relax, meet new people, and fellowship.
Advisors: Neal Brown, 701-391-9293 and Amy Helgeson, 701-224-5616

Cyber Club
Cyber Club is for students who are interested in Cybersecurity, which includes systems defense and hacking. Club members prepare for and train to compete in cyber competitions such as the CCDC, NCL, and other events around the region. 
Advisor: Matthew Frohlich, 701-224-5581
Energy Club
The Energy Club spreads health, happiness, and prosperity to the college and city community. More than just a club for energy students, members participate in and help organize events on campus, participate in or organize community service projects, such as blood drives on campus, and enhance relationships with the energy field.
Advisors: Holly Burch, 701-224-5587, Bill Gieser, 701-663-8788
Farmers Union Collegiate Chapter
The BSC collegiate chapter of the Farmers Union provides an opportunity achieve several academic, educational, and personal development goals through interaction and activities with other BSC students with interests in agriculture, education, or a general interest in rural America. It provides an opportunity for any BSC student to learn more about the bigger picture of the Ag industry while participating in enjoyable activities outside the classroom.
Advisor: Kyle Olson, 701-224-5417
Graphic Design and Communications Club (GDCC)
The Graphic Design and Communication Club aims to create and nurture a love for all aspects of GDCC and to assist anyone in need of help in these fields.
Advisors: Jason Lueder, 701-224-2580, Sean Thorenson, 701-224-5564 and Tom Marple, 701-224-5563
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is a  multi-ethnic community where you can meet friends, experience God and change the world. 
Advisor: Kimberly Gutierrez, 701-224-5521
BSC Intramurals is a fun chance to be active, meet new people, blow off some steam, and have some fun. We are excited to feature a large number of leagues and one-time events. If you want to have fun and blow off some steam, watch for information for upcoming events today!
Advisor: Amanda Morse, 701-224-5460
LGBT+ Club
The LGBT+ Club provides support, social activities, and education for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, and allied students, faculty, and staff on the BSC campus, in the Bismarck-Mandan community and beyond. Check out their Facebook page.
Advisor:  Erin Price, 701-224-5449
Phi Beta Lambda
PBL is the collegiate division of FBLA. PBL's purpose includes leadership, strengthening confidence, developing good working relationships within the community and encouraging community service. Members attend the State Leadership Conference held in the spring and the National Leadership Conference held in June. Students participate in events that are business, computer and other skills.
Advisors: Vickie Volk, 701-224-5505
Phi Theta Kappa
Phi Theta Kappa is the two-year college national honor society. The local BSC chapter is name Kappa Omicron. The purpose is the promotion of scholarship, the development of leadership and service and the cultivation of fellowship among qualified students. Membership is restricted to candidates completing 12 or more credit hours at BSC leading to an associate degree and having a minimum GPA of 3.50.
Advisors: Rachel Southam, 701-224-5613 and Kevin Cavanagh, 701-224-2611
Student Nurses Organization (SNO)
SNO is an organization for students interested in nursing. This is a talented and caring group interested in service projects, educational programs, and interacting with the community. Club members may participate in God's Child Project and travel to Guatemala. If you are excited about nursing, this is a great opportunity to connect.
Advisor: Annie Paulson, 701-224-2468

STEM Club is an organization for students interested in the pursuit of sciences. Mathematics, natural sciences, engineering, computer and information sciences, as well as, the social and behavioral sciences are all areas of interest for peers participating in this club. This club provides members with other views of STEM sciences that may not be provided in classroom lecture or labs.
Advisors: Jennifer Kessler, 701-224-5518, Mike Holman, 701-224-5591
WiSEST is an organization that supports women in STEM and Skilled Trades, as well as inspires the next generation of students while giving back to our community.
Advisor: Ginny Saiki, 701-224-2632

Mystic Media

The Mystician (newspaper)
The Mystician is the Bismarck State College student news publication. The editors and staff collaborate on stories, photos, graphics and page design to produce the monthly newspaper, which they distribute on campus and to the community. All students are welcome to join the staff, submit articles, ideas, and photographs. Students may earn an enrichment credit by joining as a class. Stop by the Armory, Room 119, and visit their office.
Advisor: Karen Bauer, 701-224-5522
MystiCast (video publication)
MystiCast is a student created video show documenting newsworthy campus and community events. Students produce and direct every episode, which includes filming news and entertainment pieces, preparing studio equipment, anchoring the show and finalizing the production for broadcast. Students may earn credit by joining MystiCast as a class. Stop by the BSC Armory and visit the new studio!
Advisor: Dusty Anderson, 701-224-5674
The MYX (radio)
The MYX is the Bismarck State College Internet radio broadcast. Students produce both talk and music radio shows. The MYX students also provide entertainment at many campus events with live remotes where they interview students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus. Several shows are currently featured on the Bismarck community radio station KDAK at 102.5 FM. Requests can be phoned in at 701-224-5572. The MYX is open to any student, staff or faculty member at BSC.
Advisor: Cole Bernhardt, 701-224-2679


Drama Club
Drama Club offers students a creative outlet, theatrical, and social involvement. This is a great organization for students interested in working in the production of theatre, acting, and directing. Students present and direct their own dramatic productions. A highlight for club members includes an annual trip to the week-long American College Theatre Festival in January, and the student-directed spring plays.
Advisor: Dean Bellin, 701-224-5627
Concert Band
Concert Band fulfills the enrichment requirement for graduation and is open to all students. Performance groups include Jazz Ensemble, as well as, Brass and Woodwind Ensembles. Students may elect private study or to pursue their interest in music education. Band presents a concert each semester and travels during the second semester to designated schools in the surrounding area.
Advisor: Dr. John Darling, 701-224-5444
Concert/Chamber Choir
An experience for music students interested in choir. Concert choir fulfills an enrichment requirement for graduation, is open to all students. Students audition to join Chamber Choir; auditions are held for sections placement. In December, the choir participates in the BSC Choir concert and in spring, the college's musical. Each year, the choir tours local high schools and may plan a larger bit.
Advisor: Dawn Hagerott, 701-224-5768