Computer Policies

North Dakota University System Computer Use Policy
This document outlines the NDUS Computer Use Policy. Included are the policies and procedures for NDUS computer and network usage, privileges, responsibilities, and authorized use for the individual and the institution.
North Dakota University System Computer Use Policy

North Dakota University System Information Technology Approval Process
This document outlines the Information Technology approval process for the NDUS.
NDUS Information Technology Approval Process

Student Email Policy
This document outlines BSC's Student Email Policy. Included is the requirement for all students to enroll for BSC Email services.
Student Email Policy (document)
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Employee Email Policy
This document outlines BSC's Employee Email Policy. Included are the regulations for BSC employee email.
Employee Email Policy (document)
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Use of Computer and Network Facilities
This document outlines individual limits, regulations and responsibilities associated with the use of computer and network facilities at Bismarck State College.
Use of Computer & Network Facilities (document)
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Mac Technology
This document outlines the policy on using Apple Macintosh technology (both hardware and software) in the normal business operation of Bismarck State College, and Macintosh technology used within academic programs.
Mac Technology (document)
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Mandatory Computer Anti-Virus Software
This policy requires anti-virus software be installed, anti-virus software be active, and anti-virus software have current updates on all computers connecting to the Bismarck State College networks.
Mandatory Antivirus Software (document)
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PC Office Application Software
This document outlines the policy concerning use and support of PC Office applicationsoftware at Bismarck State College.
PC Application Software (document)
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Contract Review General Policy
This document outlines the general policy for contract review.  Included are thepositions that have contractual authority in their respective areas.
Contract Review (document)
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