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Rating Roadmaps

As a Navy College Program Distance Learning Partner (NCPDLP), Bismarck State College offers the degrees listed below for specific Navy ratings.

Rating Roadmaps identify the American Council on Education (ACE) recommended college credit for Navy training and should be used as a guide in planning your degree program.

To view the roadmaps for your rate, click on the rate listed below under your desired degree or in the left hand menu under Rating Roadmaps. Once you've completed the roadmap, Get started

Roadmaps are presented PDF format. If you are unable to view them, you will need to install the latest version of Adobe Reader. (Download Adobe Reader).


Associate in Applied Science-Criminal Justice

Master at Arms (MA)
AAS-Criminal Justice NCPDLP Rating Roadmap for Master-At-Arms (MA) Navy Rating.

Associate in Applied Science-Power Plant Technology

Construction Electrician (CE)
NCPDLP Rating Roadmap for Construction Electrician (CE) Navy Rating.

Associate in Applied Science-Process Plant Technology

Associate in Applied Science-Electric Power Technology

Associate in Applied Science- Nuclear Power Technology