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Career Pathways

In partnership with Palo Alto Networks, Bismarck State College is committed to educating the cybersecurity talent needed to protect our nation and working together to make the Internet safe. Toward that goal, BSC offers a number of industry certifications and training.


PCCSA greenA Palo Alto Networks Certified Cybersecurity Associate (PCCSA) possesses knowledge of cutting-edge technology available today to manage the cyber threats of tomorrow. Prepare to take this certification exam by taking the following three courses.

Cybersecurity Foundation (15 hours)
This class explains the nature and scope of today’s cybersecurity challenges. This module explores the cybersecurity landscape, cyberthreats, malware and spamming, and Wi-Fi and advanced threats. $300

Cybersecurity Gateway (45 hours)
This class explains networking concepts, fundamentals, and technologies. Students explore the basic operation of computer networks; common networking devices; routed and routing protocols; network types and topologies; DNS; physical, logical, and virtual addressing; IP addressing and subnetting; the OSI and TCP/IP models; network security models, cloud and data center security, network security technologies, cloud computing, virtualization, and storage technologies; and network operations fundamentals. $500

Cybersecurity Essentials (45 hours)
This class presents detailed information about next-generation cybersecurity solutions available from Palo Alto Networks. This module demonstrates the real-world application of the cybersecurity design best practices and principles presented in Module 2, to address the cybersecurity landscape and threat challenges described in Module 1. $500


PCNSAA Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator (PCNSA) can operate Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls to protect networks from cutting edge cyber threats. Prepare to take this certification exam by taking the following two courses.

Cybersecurity Infrastructure Configuration (45 hours)
Students will learn to configure the security, networking, threat prevention, logging, and reporting features of next generation firewall technologies. $500

Cybersecurity Prevention and Countermeasures (45 hours)
Students will learn to configure traffic handling, advanced content/user identification, quality of service, global protect, monitoring/reporting, and high availability of next generation firewall technologies. $500

Cybersecurity Bootcamp

The Summer 2020 Bootcamp is on hold as we monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation. Please stay tuned for more information.

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