Becoming an Online Student

Onlinegraphics275X550.pngBSC offers online classes in nearly every discipline as well as several online-only programs. Nearly two-thirds of our student body is enrolled in at least one online course and 44 percent are enrolled only in online courses.  
While online learning offers great convenience and flexibility, it requires great discipline and self-motivation as well. Online courses are not easier than on-campus courses, your ability to guide and direct your own learning will be key to your success. An online class is not an independent study where you work at your own pace. Instead, you will have weekly assignments, quizzes and tests. Students are required to meet deadlines and participate in discussions on a schedule set by your instructor. Students must log on daily to keep up to date with class announcements, assignments and information relevant to the course.
  • You will register for online courses in the same way you register for on campus courses.
  • One to two weeks prior to the beginning of the term you’ll receive an email that contains important information about your online course.
  • The login ID and password for online courses is the same as the user ID and password used for CampusConnection.
New students: Your preferred email address in CampusConnection will be automatically transferred to your online course profile. This email will be the official communication channel between you and your online instructor. You will be responsible for checking your email in order to communicate with your instructor.
Returning students: If you have previously taken an online course and have a new email address, make sure to change your email address in CampusConnection.  To change your preferred email address, log in to CampusConnection and from the Main Menu go to Campus Personal Information then Email Addresses and edit your email address(es). Be sure to select the one you want used in your online courses by selecting the Preferred check box next to it. 

NOTE: The Login ID and Password for your online course is the same as your User ID and Password used for CampusConnection.

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