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AmericaCookie.JPGIt is the beginning of the time of year when everyone starts to feel just a little bit homesick. We start making our arrangements to the airports for next month, and we start thinking of the senti
mental things that accompany the holidays. But how could we not? We cannot escape them. Without Thanksgiving as the voice of reason to hold back he carols and bows and advertisements, the American students in England are prematurely exposed to the grandeur of lights, and bells, and everything else that makes us think about the people we love back home. If we are not careful, our minds can sit and rot for want of everything we miss.

With all that in mind, I know there are things that I'm missing out on back home. I missed out on Papa's Pumpkin Patch, the Powwow, and the street fair. I knew that back home, even without me, my friends' lives kept on happening, and that when I come back, everything might be different. I, and all the other American students, are going to miss out on Thanksgiving this week. These sentiments inspired us to do something a little different.

Today, we took a break from engaging in the English experience and soaking up their culture. Today, we brought a little piece of our culture to them: a Thanksgiving potluck to share amongst ourselves and with some other international friends.
The ovens on campus were to small to roast a large turkey in, so I picked up a few rotisserie chickens from Morrison's, and seasoned and reheated them. Every American student brought something unique that they have at home on Thanksgiving, and our friends from England, Mexico, Germany, and Austria made foods from their country. It was all so delicious, and such a beautiful variety. It was a bittersweet sentiment because I know that soon I will miss these guys just as much as I miss my family now, but I am happy, because we had our own make-shift holiday.

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