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Ormskirk, in West Lancashire, is the cutest, little historical town, and it is just Ormskirk.jpga brief stroll from Edge Hill University (EHU). If I do not feel like walking, I simply take the Edgelink, which is a bus that is free for EHU students that runs from campus into the town. Either way, I am never far from quaint, ancient Ormskirk. The main square, right where the Edgelink drops students off, has great boutique-style shopping, a handful of fun bars (Market Cross is my personal favorite), coffee shops, restaurants, and a bi-weekly community market that has been occurring since 1286. This is especially nice because super stores like Walmart and Target do not really exist in England, so on Thursdays and Saturdays, I go browse the many booths and stalls that sell produce, homemade baked goods, flowers, art, and furniture, straight from the local area.

From almost anywhere in this town square, the clock tower, which was built in 1876, can be seen. That gothic time giant is where I meet up with my friends, and it is a great reference point. When someone is giving directions, they will say "You need to find (insert place here)? Well if you are standing at the clock tower..." and so on.

If one were to start at the clock tower, and go up Church Market.jpgStreet, they would find a Parish Church. A very old Parish Church, like 12th-century old. Though I have heard that it is beautiful, I have not seen the inside myself. I hope to do that soon so I may tell everyone more about it. I already think it is great, though, because it is the oldest thing I have seen in England thus far.
Speaking of England, tomorrow I am leaving it! I have had enough of these mushy-pea-eating-Queen-lovers, and I am never coming back! Just kidding. I am coming back Monday, and I love it here, but I am taking a train to Edinburgh, Scotland. I will be staying in a hostel with a group of American students I met at EHU, one of them is in the picture I have shared. Her name is Alicia, and she goes to Truman. I am very excited, I look forward to writing about it, but first I have to go pack for it.

Until next time,
Ivy Bergstrom

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